1 December 2011

Book Review Mail order Christmas Brides by Jillian Hart and Janet Tronstand

Her Christmas Family by Jillian Hart
"Please be my ma for Christmas." Felicity Sawyer can't resist little Gertie's heartfelt letter. Tate Winters seeks a bride for Gertie's sake, not his own. But as his reserve thaws before Felicity's sunny optimism, this new family learns that togetherness is the best way to celebrate the season.
Christmas Stars for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad
Eleanor McBride's outgrown her dreams of romance—but not her wishes for motherhood. Wedding Sergeant Adam Martin will give her a daughter to cherish. Yet it's not just shy, sweet Hannah who's captured her affections. And Eleanor's arrival in Dry Creek could be the start of a journey to true love.…
My Review:
Thanks to Jillian for my copy of this book I won it from the Love Inspired Harvest Festival. This is a great read. I had read a couple of books that didn't grab me and I felt I was waiting for something to happen and the book felt slow but this book was not like that. Right from the first page I was hooked. 
Her Christmas Family has Felicity coming on train to be Gertie's mother. Tate needs a mother for Gertie so is willing to marry Felicity but wonders why someone so pretty could want to be a mail order Bride. The book deals with misconception when Tate assumes Felicity is from a well to do family and couldn't possibly want to marry him. Gertie falls for Felicity and they bond straight away. I loved the story and the characters. Jillian delivers another good read.
Christmas Stars was another great book by Janet. Again I was drawn into the story from page one I felt for Eleanor but she handles herself well. Again we have a your daughter to cherish. This time Hannah is recovering from an accident and need extra love. She is adorable as well. Adam loves his daughter and will do anything for her. Add a grandmother who knows best and you have some interesting drama. I loved this story as well . A wonderful Christmas book.

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