27 November 2011

Book Review Special Mission by Debby Mayne

Book Description:
Kim thought David was her knight in shining armor. But can she compete with the blinding passion he has for his military career?

Brian and Kim have been best friends since childhood, but as he watches her romance fall apart, Brian finds his own heart changing. How can he continue to comfort and support her only as a friend when he longs to love her fully instead?

All three must examine the true meaning of loyalty, of friendship, and of love—and whether being “honorable” means being false to oneself.

My Review:
This is another book I picked up recently on my trip to Adelaide. It was also one of the states that was causing me trouble to find. Kim and Brian have been friends since they were children and have a special connection. When Brians wedding falls apart Kim is there to help him. Kim is engaged to David who seems to be putting his military career first. He asks them both to look after each other while he's away. I found David to be quite selfish in many ways but he didn't seem to realise he was which was interesting. Brian can see it and it frustrates him. Kim is also sensing things are not quite right. I enjoyed the friendship Kim and David have and watching the story develop was fun. The book deals with holding back emotions and not saying things we should. It also shows that by not being honest with our feelings we can sometimes deny ourselves something beautiful and end up making a mistake that may cause other issues. 
A good read.

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