13 November 2011

Book Review Sleigh Bells for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstand

Book Description:
Rodeo rider Wade Stone never thought he'd step foot in Dry Creek, Montana, again. Not with his family's harrowing past. But nine years later, he's back on the Stone ranch and getting stared down by the townspeople. Except by Amy Mitchell, whose heart he broke after one sweet kiss. Wade knows she's afraid he'll leave again, but surely there's no second chance for them.
It seems the whole town—and her family—is against them. Until one beautiful Christmas sleigh teaches everyone the true meaning of the holiday.
My Review:
Firstly thanks to Janet for my copy of this book. I really enjoyed the book Wades mother has returned to Dry Creek after spending time in prison. She dreamed of reuniting her family and Wade is the first son to return with her. He is not sure how long he will stay and is worried how the town will accept his mother.  Amy is the girl next door who he loved before he went away. Amy Has loved Wade forever but is unsure about letting him into her heart again. It seems Wade was right to worry about the reaction to his mother but she seems to be taking it much better than him. Watching the story unfold was interesting getting ready for Christmas. I do love reading Christmas stories and I think for me its because of the snow and and the magic of a northern Christmas being I am an Aussie use to warm Christmas's. Another great book. 

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