11 November 2011

Book Review A Home for Christmas by Robin Lee Hatcher and Mary Connealy

Product Description:
The Sweetest Gift by Mary Connealy

Seattle, Washington 1899
A spinster with a master's degree who is a world traveler, librarian by day and concert pianist by night, marries a Nebraska rancher with an eighth grade education. Their worlds are so far apart that each is afraid to admit their marriage of convenience is turning into a love match.

When Christmas draws near Adelaide must decide if she can give up her hopes of owning a beautiful piano so her husband can have the stallion he needs for his ranch. And Graham may need to risk his perfect brood mare to show his love for his wife by buying her the Christmas gift of her dreams.

A Christmas Angel by Robin Lee Hatcher

Idaho 1892
Ten-year-old Annie Gerrard, stuck in a wheelchair since falling from the barn loft, hopes for a beautiful angel to go atop the Christmas tree, but God’s answer to her prayer is completely unexpected.

Annie’s widower father, Mick, hated to ask his in-laws for help, but he had no other choice. He never imagined they would send his wife’s stepsister, Jennifer Whitmore, to care for his daughter. Nor did he foresee the love she would bring into their home. Did he and Annie dare hope that Jennifer might choose to stay?

My Review:
The Sweetest Gift,
This is such a delightful story and its based on a true story of Mary's Grand parents. Adelaide I a only child, educated and a spinster who loves playing the piano. Graham is a farmer from Nebraska who just happened to be married to her best friend. The story is a delightful story and perfect for Christmas. As the story unfolds we see what love can come unexpectedly. The side characters are shall I say interesting, very opinionated and like to have their say. This is a truely delightful story.

A Christmas Angel
Another delightful story. I loved Annie she's such a sweet girl. Seeing an angel in the catalogue is what she wants for Christmas only she wants an angel to help her family. Her father Mick would love to buy her one but money is tight after her accident. He as to ask his inlaws for help and Jennifer comes to help. He is worried she will be like her step sister and she is worried he still loves his wife although she died a couple years back. The way the story unfolds is also delightful and I just couldn't put the book down even though my eyes were wanting to close. I didn't want either story to end.

You can get a copy of this book at Amazon for 99cents at present by following this link.
Its a great Christmas read.

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