20 November 2011

Book review Fireman Dad by Betsy St Amant

Back of the Book

"Mommy, I Want To Be A Fireman."

Widowed mother Marissa Hawthorne's little boy wants to be like his new hero—firefighter Jacob Greene. But Marissa and her son lost too much to the profession of firefighting already. She can't possibly let either of them get close to the man, no matter how noble he is. Especially because her own father is Jacob's boss. But when Jacob hires her to plan a special birthday party for his niece, Marissa soon learns that Jacob is a hero in many ways. And that taking risks for love is what life and faith are truly about.

My Review: 
I was lucky to win tis book recently online. I like this story as it shows how fear can dominate a person. Marissa first husband was a fireman who died in the line of duty and she can't bear the thought of getting close to another fireman. Jacob has is own issues but he loves her little who just happens to want to be a fireman. They are thrown together organising a birthday party for Jacobs niece. The story is interesting as it deals with the different fears both have and how they overcome them. I enjoyed the story and the way Betsy wrote it and explained the reason for the different fears.

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