14 October 2011

CWDownunder Blog Alliance

Christian Writers Downunder has started a Blog Alliance to promote Australian books. I am taking information from the Christian Writers Downunder site. 

What's a Blog Alliance? It's when a group of people who have blogs get together and blog about a book. Not just any book, but in this case, an AUSSIE book. The goal is to make everyone aware of Australian Christian authors. The book nominated will be blogged over a three day period by our group of bloggers. This will either be a Monday -Wednesday, or Wednesday-Friday. Most people blog on those days, so there shouldn't be a problem.

There is more information at http://www.christianwritersdownunder.com/BlogAlliance.html
If you are a reader and have a blog and would like to be part of this alliance go to the above link read the information and sign up.
There will be a list of books sent out for you to choose from about 2 months inadvance of the tour to allow time to read the books. You do not have to request all books you can choose which books you wish to read.
You can choose as few or many as you can read. You will be required to post on the day and to post a review. 

This is a great venture to help promote Australian books and more reviewers are more than welcome. 


Beth said...

Thanks Jenny. I've signed up now.

Ausjenny said...

Im Glad Beth you are one I thought of when I saw this as I know you love to read.

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