19 September 2011

Surrendered Sleep blog tour

zzzzzzzz...Are you struggling with sleep?
God is just as active during your sleep (or sleeplessness)
as during your wakeful hours

Surrendered Sleep

Book Summary
Surrendered Sleep
A Biblical Perspective
Dr. Charles W. Page
Publisher: Camino Real Pub.
ISBN-10: 9-780-983-138105ISBN-13: 978-0-9831381-0-5 รข€¨Release Date: 9/15/2011
Paperback: 189 pages
Retail: $14.95

(Nacogdoches, TX) Sleep Clinics. Sleeping Pills. Sleep Systems. With all the focus on sleep, it’s obvious to anyone breathing (or not—in the case of sleep apnea) that sleep disorders are on everyone’s minds. Can’t fall asleep. Can’t stay asleep. So many problems, but so few zzzs.
Dr. Charles W. Page has been plagued with sleep deprivation his entire adult life. Whether from the rigorous unpredictable lifestyle of a general surgeon or dealing with obstructive sleep apnea, Dr. Page sees sleep as a precious commodity. Many of his surgical patients also report sleep problems on their medical histories. It’s certainly a widespread problem.
Although there is extensive medical literature regarding sleep, insomnia and sleep disorders, there is little instruction about these issues from a Christian worldview. Sleep was God’s idea—why shouldn’t we go to the One who created rest in the first place for answers to our sleep problems. One of the reasons Dr. Page wrote Surrendered Sleep was to heighten people’s awareness of the spiritual side of sleep issues, which often goes neglected in health and medical literature.

Author Bio
Dr. Charles W. Page is a sleep-deprived surgeon. He completed medical school and residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas and serves as surgeon in rural Texas. Dr. Page is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the Christian Medical and Dental Association. In addition to his involvement in the teaching ministry of his local church, he has participated in medical mission trips to Cameroon, Pakistan, Milawe, Niger, Mexico, Honduras and Nicaragua. He and his wife Joanna live in Texas with their five children.
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Patsy said...

Oh goodness what a great prize! Count me in! Everything sounds wonderful!


Michelle said...

That sounds like a fascinating book!

Great give-a-way

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