30 September 2011

Omega Writers Inc Caleb prize finalists 2011

       It is with great pleasure that Omega Writers announce the finalists in the CALEB Prize for 2011.
        There are 4 major categories: Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction and Unpublished.
        In addition, there are sub-categories as well as Reviewers' Choice and Booksellers' Choice.
        Omega Writers would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the judges.
        Thanks also to the many volunteers from bookstores around Australia who read and rated so many books in the Bookseller's Choice category.
      The winners will be announced at the CALEB Awards dinner at the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club on 11/11/11.
        For more details, see our website www.omegawriters.com
             Hawkins, M.        Justice at Baragula
             Preston, C.            Mary’s Guardian
Vince, P.               Best Forgotten
Boom, R.              Where Arrows Fly
Glazebrook, J.     Nobody Hugs Rod Green
McCowen, P.       Heidi’s October
Austin, M.            Jewels
Burgess, L.           All-in-Night
Fraser, E.             Too Beautiful

Roubin, V.            Wobbly: One Woman’s Journey Onward and Upward
Vujicic, N.             Life without Limits
Wilson, V.            A Full Life

 Baker, L.              Counselling Christian Women on How to Deal with Domestic Violence
Legg, K                 New Covenant, New Glory 
Weston, L.           Connecting with your Asperger Partner

Fernando, J.        Everyday Splendour
Hamann, K.         A Slight Fuzzing of Perspective
Lansdown, A.      Far From Home

Reviewer’s Choice
Osborne & Hendriks   Birds and Fish
Semmens, C        Give a Man a Fish
Vujicic, N.             Life without Limits

Bookseller’s Choice
Burgess, L            All-In Night
Nettelbeck, N      Thankful for Dishes
Osborne & Hendriks   Birds and Fish
Vujicic, N.             Life without Limits

Archer, J.             Code Breaker                                         
Bardsley, J.          The Captain, the Avaeste and the King           
Churchyard, L.    Lost and Found                                      
Glazebrook, J      Bonnie: Blaze in the Storm                  
Lonsdale, N         Boondaburra                             
Monro, H             Cassandra’s Secret
Taylor, L               Motive Games                                       
Wanmer, J           Though the bud be bruised

Congratulations to all finalists I have read a few of these books and all are worthy finalists. I cant wait to hear who the winners are (of course you are all winners in the eyes of this reader.)

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Paula Vince said...

Very exciting for certain :D

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