28 August 2011

Book review Find the animal books by Penny Reeves

God Made Something AmazingGod Made Something AmazingSeries: Find the Animal
What animal might this be: a furry tail, sharp claws and a beak? Follow the animal detectives into the Australian bush to discover one amazing animal and a truly amazing God! (This book also encourages children learning their colours.)
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications, Scotlan UK. 2011
ISBN: 978 1845506940

My Review:
This is a really cute book. The illustrations are well done and the story is interactive for children. There are questions for children to answer such as what colour is the boys hat and can you find the swan. Each page has a bible verse also. Its a good teaching book and there is a hidden animal for children to find. This is a really good resource for children. 

God Made Something Funny
God Made Something FunnySeries: Find the Animal
What is that? Noisy and nifty and hiding in the jungle! Join the animal detectives in another adventure and learn about a God who loves to hear us laugh. (This book also encourages children to practice counting 0-5.)
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications, Scotland UK. 2011
ISBN: 978 1845506919

My Review:
This is also a really cute book. This book teaches counting with questions about how many items in a basket or can you count two lizards. Once again there is a bible verse on each page and an item to find. The illustrations are well done and the story reads very well. I can see children loving having someone read these books with them as they are interactive. Another great resource for parents.


Penny said...

Thanks Jenny for this review!
I hope the books make it into the hands of children to enjoy.
More information about my books and buying options can be found at my website; www.pennyreeve.com

Christian Focus Booknotes said...


Thanks for your review. Your readers can see a full list of Penny Reeve's books published by Christian Focus here: LINK.

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