26 July 2011

Book Review: Heidi's October by Penelope McCowen

Book Description
Heidi's October is a heart-warming blend of the kaleidoscope of emotions that challenge, shape and enrich the human soul, and of the all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present God who uses them to bring meaning, beauty and value to the lives of ordinary people. 

For Heidi Jordan, young and lovely, life is neatly mapped out and right on target. Her university grades are high, her future in the medical field all but guaranteed and her only dark secret is well kept. Until the first of October, that is, when Heidi discovers that reckless choices can have desperate consequences, and pain and anguish cannot be outrun.

For Annaliese Miller and her handsome fiancé Ben, the party on the evening of October the first was just the beginning of their brand new life together. But by midnight, Annaliese is lying on the cold flagstones in a pool of blood, her devastated husband-to-be kneeling in horror beside her.

Will Heidi return and face those she has shattered? Can healing happen when relationships and dreams have been crushed and ripped apart? Or are some things just too big to forgive? 

My Review:
This is a really good book. I hadn't heard of Penelope before but I am looking forward to more books. The story is gripping. One reckless choice by Heidi leads to a lifetime consequences. Heidi's recklessness changes the lives of those around her. Not that she intended what happens but its an eye opener into what a reckless action can do. What happens after the incident is the bases of the book. How will Heidi deal with whats happened, what will Annaliese do, how will Ben react. All these questions are asked and answered in the book. I really felt for all three and could see why they feel like they do. This book deals with forgiveness, accepting responsibility and how to move on. I can't say alot about the story without giving things away but I found the story gripping and am was very happy with the way Penelope wrote each character and so glad she didn't give easy solutions. A really good read. 

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