6 July 2011

Book Review Bridge to a Distant Star by Carolyn Williford

Book Description:
As a storm rages in the night, unwary drivers venture onto Tampa Bay’s most renowned bridge. No one sees the danger ahead. No one notices the jagged gap hidden by the darkness and rain. Yet when the bridge collapses vehicles careen into the churning waters of the bay below. 
In that one catastrophic moment, three powerful stories converge: a family ravaged by their child’s heartbreaking news, a marriage threatened by its own facade, and a college student burdened by self doubt. As each story unfolds, the characters move steadily closer to that fateful moment on the bridge. And while each character searches for grace, the storms in their lives loom as large as the storm that awaits them above the bay.
When these characters intersect in Carolyn Williford’s gripping and moving volume of three novellas, they also collide with the transforming truth of Christ: Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me.

My Review:
Again this was a review book and due to sickness was late in reading. One word sums up this book for me and that is WOW. When I was about to read this book I was sick and thought it would be a heavy topic and hard read but once I started I didn't want to put it down so a couple of late nights eventuated. From the beginning to the end this book captivated me. The books starts with a catastrophe about to happen then we read the 3 stories that lead to this event. Each story I found gripping in there own way. Each story is so different but similar in a strange way. We then have the ending and I have to say the ending is well done. This whole story gripped me how one catastrophic event can impact so many and how each one involved has there own story. I don't want to give anything away but will say this is an excellent read and is up with my top reads for 2011. 


Renee said...

This book sounds realy good. I've added it to my TBR list. Thanks for the review!

Anne Payne said...

I haven't heard of this one but after reading your review I will be on the lookout for it! Thanks, Jenny :)

Ausjenny said...

thanks for stopping by Anne and Renee.
I thought it sounded good but thought it may be to heavy after getting over a bug which left me drained but I was so wrong. The only problem with this book is I want more.

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