18 July 2011

Book Review The Art of Romance by Kaye Dacus

Book Description
Author Kaye Dacus will ignite your love of romance with book 2 of her Matchmakers series. Dylan Bradley, who once illustrated steamy romances under the name Patrick Callaghan, has moved into his grandparent’s guest house in Nashville. Caylor Evans, having once written titillating novels under the penname Melanie Mason, lives with her grandmother. When their lives collide, due to the machinations of meddling matriarchs, the pasts of Dylan and Caylor threaten to derail their futures. Will they accept each other for who they now are—and once were? Or will they never discover the true art of romance?

My Review:
This is book two of the series and another good read. Once again the Grandmothers are in on the act trying to fix there grand children up so they will be married and have the first grand children before another group in the Church. Its actually quite interesting seeing how there minds tick. Caylor is an English Professor and an writer where as Dylan is an Arts teacher and artist. Both have things done in the past they want to keep secret and its interesting seeing what happens.  I found it interesting when Caylor's sister isn't an academic and doesn't have high ambitions that it was looked down on in a way as being under achieving. I know this comes from Caylor and her friends having higher jobs but wondered if all Academics and professionals think the same way of what they consider low ambition jobs. It struck me as I am studying Business Administration and never considered it a low ambition job. Saying this I still loved the book and enjoyed seeing what makes a professor tick. I loved seeing what would happen and how the different things would happen. Also we see Dylan's family and how they consider an artist as unimportant and almost a black sheep because it wasn't a profession but we also see how the brothers all get on so well. What I love most is that regardless of status everyone has vulnerabilities and insecurities and I liked how Kaye showed this. Good read and cant wait for the 3rd book in the series.  Thanks to Kaye Dacus and Barbour for a copy of this book to review.

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