19 May 2011

Review The Yellow Zone by Janelle Dyer

Product description:

A coordinated terrorist attack destroys not only many great cities but the global economy. Political systems fall as the financial sector crumbles. What would you do without money? Without work? Without a government to provide social services? Would you speak up if 'unproductive' people were disappearing without a trace? It is decision time for Scott and Sally Ryan and their friends. Trapped in Yellow Zone, time is running out...
My Review:
From the first page I was hooked I just had to know what else was going to happen. The book starts strong then we find out what has happened in the previous two years to get to this point. I loved this start and seeing what had lead up to this point. The story is very strong and as you read parts of the book it will remind you of things that have happened in history and also things that are written in the bible. I love the way Janelle did this and the way she linked it to what was happening. I didn't want to put the book down as I needed to know what next. When I finished the book I was left wondering a few things like what next and a couple of other questions but I do believe this was very deliberate to make the reader think and wonder. This is a very relevant book about what could very well happen in the future. A very powerful book.

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