8 May 2011

Book Review of The Blacksmith's Bravery by Susan Page Davis

Product Description:
Ride shotgun alongside Vashti Edwards, saloon girl turned stagecoach driver, as she tries to redefine her life into a brave Christian citizen. Watch as Griffin Bane, local blacksmith and stagecoach manager, wrestles with his attraction to her. When a gang of outlaws target the stagecoach line, will The Ladies' Shooting Club come to their friends’ aid again, saving Vashti and Griffin to build a future together?

Book Review:
Another wonderful book by Susan Page Davis. This is the third book in this series. This time the book focus's on Vashti a former Saloon girl who wants to be a stagecoach driver. The saloon she worked for is now a restaurant but not making enough money to support all the employees. Griffin is in charge of of the stage line in Fergus and also the local blacksmith. I enjoyed the story line with Vashti wanting to take on what is considered a mans job and wanting to make a way for herself. We also learn about her early life and what lead her to being in Fergus. Seeing how Vashti tries to change her life and the problems she encounters and how she deals with them make the the story. I am sad to see this series end as I have come to love these characters and have loved the different ladies and how they learn to except each other.

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