11 May 2011

Book Review Her Valentine Family by Renee Andrews

Product Description:
Part-time college student and full-time single mom Jessica Bowman returns to Alabama to raise her little boy, Nathan, in the only home she's ever known. The last person she expects to see is Chad Martin, her first love. He doesn't know that Jessica's been keeping a secret from him. What he does know is that he never stopped loving her. But Jessica realizes that her silence stands in the way of their reunion. If she takes a leap of faith and reveals the truth, will she find that love and forgiveness are the sweetest Valentine gifts of all?

My Review:
I have to say I love the Love Inspired ranges. Why do I love them its the easy to read style of book that has a lovely story but also has real people. The characters had problems and issues to deal with like real people. The are often have feelings of insecurity and struggles which make them human. This is another of the range and both Jessica who has returned to Alabama with her little boy and Martin have issues to deal with. Add match making parents although they don't fully admit to it and you have an interesting story. I love how Jessica and Martin reconnect and the issues they deal with. Another great read.

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