17 March 2011

Getting to know you Thursdays with Cathy West with a review

Please welcome to my blog today Cathy West who has just released her debut book Yesterday's Tomorrow. It's been fun getting to know Cathy. Her book is very insightful and a good read.

Educated in Bermuda, England and Canada, Catherine holds a degree in English from the University of Toronto. When she’s not at the computer working on her next story, you can find her taking her Border Collie for long walks or tending to her roses and orchids. Catherine and her husband live on the beautiful island of Bermuda, with their two college-aged children. Catherine is a member of Romance Writers of America, and American Christian Fiction Writers, and is a founding member of International Christian Fiction Writers. Catherine’s debut novel Yesterday’s Tomorrow, will release in March 2011, through Oak Tara Publishers.

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I was born and raised on the island of Bermuda, where I still live with my hubby and two-college age kids, when they’re home. J I went to school here and in England and Canada, where I earned a BA in English from the University of Toronto. I’m pretty shy around strangers but I love meeting new people and traveling.

2. When you were a child did you have a favourite book or books? 
I was a huge Enid Blyton fan. Many Americans probably don’t know who that is, but she was a prolific British author who wrote amazing children’s books. I devoured them all, and in fact begged my parents to send me to boarding-school because she made it seem like such fun. (It wasn’t). (Jenny here finally someone who shared my love of Enid Blyton although I wanted a magic faraway tree more than anything else.)

3. Do you have a favourite Genre to both read and right write?
 Romance. I can’t get enough of it! I also love women’s fiction novels and a good historical now and again. I tend to stick to writing romance, with the occasional foray into women’s fiction.

4. Did you have favourite authors growing up who have influenced you?
 I’ve always enjoyed big whopping books such as Gone With the Wind, and The Winds of War. I read so much that I think all authors probably influenced me in one way or another.

5. When did you know you wanted to be an author?
 I always enjoyed writing stories, but I didn’t get serious about it until I was in my twenties. At first, I thought I would become a journalist. But the more fiction I wrote, the more I loved it. I showed a manuscript to someone at that time, and she liked it so much that she really encouraged me to pursue publication. Then I knew that it was what I was supposed to be doing.

6. How did you go about becoming an author?
 Read a lot of books about writing and how to get published! At the time before internet, it was very difficult. Once the Internet was born, I had multiple resources at my disposal. I joined writing groups, found critique partners and started attending conferences. Each step brought me closer to publication. When I felt I was ready, I started submitting to agents. Once I landed an agent, it was actually a few years before the first contract came along. It is definitely not an easy road!

7. If you were not a writer what would you like to be?
I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else. And I’m really not good at anything else, so this is it for me.

8. Outside reading and writing what do you like to do?
 I love to read, write, go for long walks with my border collie and spend time gardening. I also volunteer at Bermuda Riding for the Disabled, which is very rewarding. I like to sing and you can often find me on the worship team at church with my hubby on a Sunday morning. We spend a lot of time with friends, and I love visiting family too.

9. Do you have a place you love to visit or would love to visit?
 We have yet to visit Italy, so yes, I would love to go there!

10. If you could have a meal with 3 living people who would you choose and why?
 I would choose my sister, because we don’t get to each other often and I love spending time with her. Oprah, because I really want to know what makes her tick, and Matthew Mcconaughey, no explanation needed!!

Finally can you tell us about your current books and/or any that will
be coming out soon. Also where we can find you on the web.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow – release date March 15th, 2011
Publisher – OakTara – http://www.oaktara.com

It’s 1967 and Kristin Taylor wants to go to Vietnam to report on the war, and honor her father’s memory by becoming an award-winning journalist like he was. But no editor will send her. So she strikes out on her own and steps into a world more terrifying than she’d imagined.
As she encounters the horrors of war, Kristin struggles to report the truth while desperately trying to keep tabs on her only brother who enlisted some time ago, but both tasks seem impossible.
When she meets photographer Luke Maddox, Kristin knows she’s found a story. The mystery beneath his brooding eyes triggers her curiosity. She’s convinced he’s hiding something and determines to discover his secrets. The only trouble is, he won’t let her within three feet of him.
In an unexpected twist, Kristin and Luke are forced to work together. With war raging all around them, they engage in their own tumultuous battle of emotions. Headstrong and willing to risk it all for what they believe in, they’ll do whatever it takes to fulfill their own private agendas. Kristin is after a story that might get her the Pulitzer. Luke wants retribution from the enemy that took away his family. In the face of death, Kristin and Luke must decide if they’re willing to set aside selfish ambition for the love that seems to have ambushed them and captured their hearts.

My Review:
 I found this an interesting book. The story is quite challenging as at the time so many were protesting against the war in vietnam and when veterans got back home they were often forgotten and didn't get the help needed. This story deals with the horrors of war and how being in a war zone can change a person. Kristin is a good reporter wanting to follow in her fathers footsteps and Luke is a talented photographer with issues. The books also deals with reentry into so called "Normal" life back stateside and the issues of readjusting where many do not understand what has been happening in Vietnam and don't seem to really care. I found the book informative and really gave an insight into being a war correspondent and how hard readjusting is. Watching Kristin dealing with different issues was interesting and I could feel her pain. A great debut  novel and well worth reading. You will gain an insight into this time and what the veterans went through. I was reminded of the show China Beach when I started reading this book. Can't wait to read more books by Cathy.


Patti Lacy said...

Hey, Cathy! Great to see you and Ausjenny! Congratulations on your debut!!!!

Y'all, Cathy writes wonderful prose! Don't miss her debut!!


Catherine West said...

Thanks, Patti!
And thank you Jenny for featuring me!

Tracy Krauss said...

I've started reading YT and really like it so far. It was fun getting to know the person behind the story a bit more. Blessings!

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