7 March 2011

Book Review Sharpshooters in Petticoats by Mary Connealy

Book Description:

Mandy McClellen Grey, has become the focus of a feud thanks to her husband, who made this mess and then died. Far from home, Mandy, the best little rifle woman in the west, has resigned herself to a lonely life under siege rather than call for help and endanger her family.
Tom Linscott is fed up with waiting for Mandy who should have had the sense to come to him as soon as she finished burying her worthless husband. In fact he'd've come fast enough to dig the hole if she'd've sent for him. He goes to round up his little woman and buys into a heap of trouble from a whole clan of outlaws.
Between Mandy's deadly skill with her rifle, her determination to not bring trouble down on someone she loves, and an ever growing crowd of varmints who want to bury everyone named Grey—and anyone who sides with them, Tom may not survive getting himself hitched.

My Review:
This is the third book in the series Sophie's Daughters and just as good as the previous books. Right from the first page there is drama and it just keeps coming. I can's say I was upset to see Mandy's husband had died has he was worthless as a husband and caused nothing but grief. I really like Tom he seems just right for Mandy. What I also love is we catch up with what has happened with Mandy's family and also get to see some of the characters from the Montana Marriages series also. I love the tension in this book and the conversations between Mandy and Tom are quite interesting. We also have the bad guys intent on killing Mandy and anyone she's associated with.  This book has all the hallmarks of Mary's past books with the humor, drama and the bad guys everything a historical western should have. I would love to see these books made into a series or movies as they would be well worth watching. It is also good to see women portrayed as strong which is what women in the west needed to be to survive. A great read and I am sad to see the series end.

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