28 March 2011

Book Review Into the Deep by Virginia Smith

Product Description:
When Ben Dearinger got hold of a flash drive carrying deadly secrets, the scuba diver did the only thing he could. He buried it-fathoms deep. Now a drug cartel wants the evidence back, and they're willing to threaten Ben's ex-girlfriend Nikki Hoffman to get it. Although Nikki caused him no end of heartache, forgetting her has been impossible, and Ben would risk anything to protect her. But what will he do when he discovers her secret-that he's the father of her child?"

Book Review:
Another wonderful book by Virginia Smith. The story is set in Florida and Mexico where Ben is a dive instructor. Its been a couple of years since Ben and Nikki have seen each other and it starts a series of events which get quite dangerous. I have never been scuba diving and during the book this is featured and rather than just being a bystander I felt like I left with a new understanding of some issues to deal with scuba diving I didn't know before. The story is fast passed with alot of excitement. I love the extra attention to detail Virginia provides like the information about scuba diving so even someone like me who knew nothing about the sport is aware of some of the issues with rising to quickly and even other tidbits. Another great read.

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