25 February 2011

book Review Thanksgiving Groom by Brenda Minton

Product Description:
Heiress Penelope Lear came to Treasure Creek, Alaska, in search of adventure. And to prove to everyone she's more than just a pretty face. But when she gets lost in the middle of the wilderness—in chilly November—Penelope needs help. Her rescuer? The mysterious man who's been missing from town for months.Tucker Lawson, a handsome former lawyer, is now a man of the land—and doesn't want to be found. As Thanksgiving approaches, he promises to lead Penelope back to Treasure Creek.
But will he go as her groom?

My Review:
This is the 5th book in this series and another great read. I love Treasure Creek. In this book Penelope is a heiress who has also fallen in love with Treasure Creek, she loves the way the town pulls together and their faith. She gets lost and is found by Tucker who has been missing for several months. Tucker is everything Penelope doesn't want in a husband but the type of man her father would pick, hes a lawyer in a good practice. But Tucker is also running from something and not all he seems just like Penelope. I love the way Brenda had weaved this story and how she shows how so many people put people in a box without really getting to know them or seeing they are more than a label. This was a great read and I really cant wait to obtain the final book in this series. I intend to buy this with money I have received for my birthday tomorrow.

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