25 February 2011

Book review of Doctors in Petticoats and Wranglers in Petticoats

Book description:

Beth and Alex survive a stage coach accident. Beth realizes the derelict in the stagecoach with her is a doctor and she forces him to help tend the injured. Alex finds he can care for the patients as long as Beth is right beside him. . .yelling at him.
Alex saves Beth’s sister’s life, but he only has the courage to treat patients as long as Beth is there. The one way to keep her close it to marry her. Beth thinks he’s a lunatic, but there’s no denying his skill, and she’s so empathic she can see the terrible price Alex pays to help hurting people. Besides, she owes the loco doctor for saving Sally.
She agrees to marry him. Her parents, Clay and Sophie protest the sudden marriage, but when Beth agrees to the marriage they grant their blessing.
And that’s when the real trouble begins. A bounty hunter is on Alex’s trail for desertion from the army. Alex has to live long enough to turn himself in, and then he may face a firing squad. And this all happens right when Alex is getting to be semi-sane and Beth is just starting to like him.

My Review:
I love this new series by Mary. It follows the lives of Sophie's Daughters from the Lassoed in Texas series. The first book features Beth and also Mandy. Beth is arriving home to see Mandy married when trouble starts. the stagecoach has an accident and shes left to help with Alex who seems to be a lunatic. Alex has issues of his own to deal with and its good seeing what will happen. Meanwhile we see Mandy and her new husband heading west and along they way they meet up with Belle which was nice to see. Mandy's story runs as a substory to Beth and Alex's. I loved the book and couldn't wait to see what would happen next in the second book.

Product Description:
Sally McCellen finds herself injured and in the care of the biggest wimp she's ever met. Logan McKenzie paints pictures of the wild west—and claims he makes a living doing it. When the two of them see an elk she reaches for her rifle, he reaches for a sketch pad. The word DRAW means completely different things to them. When Sally falls off a cliff practically into his arms, he decides he's keeping her. So far her broken leg is keeping her close, but she's a quick healer and she needs to get some tougher help, because outlaws are hunting hard for the one witness to their crime.

My Review:
This is the second book in the series and another wonderful read. This time we follow Sally's story. Sally is on her way to help Mandy when something happens and Sally finds herself in the care of Logan. Logan is not what Sally is used to. I love how sometimes Logan will say something that Sally will interpret as a different meaning which leads to some interesting conversations. Sally wants to get to Mandy and finds the interruption hard to handle. I loved this book and am eagarly waiting to read the final in this series. If you live Mary's books this one won't disappoint you.

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