9 January 2011

Review of Camp club Girls No 11 and 12

McKenzies Oregon Operation 


Shari Barr

McKenzie and Alexis travel to the Oregon Coast to complete a video report on Stellar Sea Lions. They choose to focus on Sea Lion Cave, home to nearly two hundred of the magnificent creatures year round. To make the girls’ report even more interesting, this year, Susie—a favorite sea lion at the cave—has given birth to two pups. But a shadow is cast on the girls’ trip when the two pups disappear and the cave staff doesn’t have a clue as to their whereabouts. Will the Camp Club girls be able to solve the mysterious disappearance of the sea lion pups?

My Review:
This is another good read. It may seem strange for an adult to be reading these books and loving them but they remind me of summer holidays when I was younger and would read lots in the hot weather. This book is set in Oregon where McKenzie has won a contest to film the Sea Lions. They discover 2 cubs are missing and they see a mystery needing to be solved. Again the camp club girls have a mystery to solve and we see what happens. I do enjoy these books and had a discussion with a girl at church who reading them she was excited to hear her school will gain 6 more in term one.

Bailey's Estes Park Excitement

By: Linda Carlblom
Bailey, along with Kate, travels to Estes Park with her parents, who are attending a convention and staying at the famous, historic Stanley Hotel. The girls are in awe of the elk that freely roam the streets of the town all year long. But during their stay, the girls encounter out–of–control elk stampedes that put the townsfolk and tourists in danger. Why have these usually meek and mild animals become so aggressive? Will the stampedes ruin the yearly Elkfest celebration? Bailey and Kate, with help from the Camp Club Girls, are determined to discover what’s behind this unusual elk behavior and put the stampedes to rest for good.

My Review:
This is another good read. I do love how the Bailey and Kate go about solving some of the mysteries in this story. There are a few to work out. I also love how the girls get on so well from different backgrounds, states and age from 9 - 14.  This is another good story with some good lessons to be learnt. Another good read.

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