2 January 2011

2011 Book challange.

Last year I took part in a book challenge and said I would read 66 books in the year and ended up reading 103.
I am hoping to join a challenge this year and have found one that looks interesting.

This challenge is to read a book from each of the 50 states of America and you can add other countries also.
We are to upload the books to a map to show what we have read
my map can be found here.
View books read in a larger map

As I read I will add the bookcover and state or country. 
You can find out more at Click here.


Kaye Dacus said...

The Art of Romance (May/June) and Turnabout's Fair Play (December) are set in Tennessee, and Ransome's Quest (August) is set in and around Jamaica!

Ausjenny said...

Thanks Kaye I have Ransome's crossing to read I got it end of the year and I have it to read. I still need to get Love Remains (I do enjoy your books too). The book im one now is set in Arizona and I have a few aussie books to read too.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Glad to have you on board for this challenge I think we will all have a lot of fun with this. Enjoy - I put my first peg on my map yesterday! :)

Mary Hawkins said...

Hmm, sounds VERY interesting, Jenny! Not sure if I'd meet this challenge. Have been recently enjoying so many more books set in our own country.

Ausjenny said...

I understand Mary I have a few aussie books to read also. I met Paula Vince in the bookshop here and have one of her books now to read also. I am now on book 6 for the year but it wont keep up most weeks its only 2. On my immediate TBR list I have 4 from other countries.

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