9 December 2010

Prevent holiday suicides

This is an important message especially for this time of year many people find this time extremely hard and spare a thought for them. If you know someone who will be alone at this time consider inviting them to join you or just give them a phone call. Believe me knowing I will be alone for Christmas its amazing how a phone call can really make a person feel cared for.

Suicide Help -


Beth said...

I'm sorry you'll be alone this year :(
Are you coming to Melbourne for the Boxing Day test this year?
I hope someone invites you to their place. If I lived nearby I would.

Ausjenny said...

Thanks Beth no I will be home this year. I am ok with it. Have had an invite by someone whos having family and friends so I could go there. I just dont know any of them and dont feel I want to intrude. But may go for a little while.

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