16 December 2010

Focus on Christmas with Carla Capshaw

Please welcome Carla Capshaw to my blog today to talk about Christmas. I am loving hearing about others memories and traditions. (The pickle story has me intrigued). Thanks Carla for stopping by. Carla will be popping in today so if you would like to leave her a message I am sure she would appreciate it. Maybe post one of your Christmas Traditions.

1. Firstly thanks for coming back to my blog as we are focus on christmas.
What do you most associate with Christmas where you live?

***White sand?  Nah, just kidding.  Jesus is what I most associate with
Christmas.  He is the reason why the Christmas season is my favorite time
of year.  I mean, what other time of the year can you walk down the mall
and hear celebrations and praise to the Lord?

2. Do you have any special family traditions you do at Christmas time?

***Well, I go a little crazy at Christmas so we do just about every>
tradition there is.  :-)  When my son was younger, I wanted to introduce
him to Christmas traditions from around the world.  So, we have Christmas
crackers from the UK, nativities from Italy and we do a rendition of the
pickle ornament search from Germany to name a few.
(Jenny Here we call the crackers bonbons but didn't know they were from England)

3. Do you have a favourite christmas Carol and if so do you know why?

***O Holy Night.  It's just beautiful and sums up the whole special time
to me. My favorite version is sung by Michael Crawford.

(Jenny again love Michael Crawfords singing too)

4. If you could spend Christmas anyway you could how would you

***I'm so blessed because our celebration at home is exactly how I love it
and would want to spend Christmas every year.  On Christmas Eve we go to
church for a candlelighting service and carols.  Then all my siblings and
their families, my son and I meet at our parents' house.  We have a huge
party where everybody gets all their favorite treats, we open our
presents from each other and the kids search for the German pickle
ornaments in an elaborate "pickle" hunt that takes them all over house and

yard.  They each have to find their own pickle, but the first one done is

declared the "pickle" winner for the year.  On Christmas morning, we have
a more intimate time with our individual families, open more presents and
have homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  In the afternoon, we all meet
up again and have Christmas dinner together.  After dinner, we all do
whatever we want.  The kids play with their new toys, we watch Christmas
movies and round everything off with our favorite dessert.

5. Do you have any Christmas movies or Christmas books you like to see
or read each year?
***My favorite is A Christmas Carol. I love the movie version with Patrick
Stewart as Scrooge the best.  I watch it every year in the first week or
so of December.  It really kicks off the season for me.  :-)  I love A
Christmas Carol so much that when I get done with my current book, The
Champion, I'm going to start a new trilogy based (very) loosely on it in
the new year.

6. Do you have a Christmas message for my readers?
I wish each of you peace, love, joy and the happiest of hearts filled with
the love of Jesus.

Happy reading and Merry Christmas!
Carla Capshaw

These three books of Carla's would make great christmas gifts.

Danger and intrigue follow Elise Cooper wherever she goes. Surviving on her wits and her faith, Elise, code named the Fox, is the most elusive patriot spy in South Carolina.  When a double agent threatens to turn Elise over to the British, she fights for her life and makes a narrow escape...
But when Drake Amberly, fifth duke of Hawk Haven, learns of his brother's death and the failed investigation to find the spy who shot him, he heads for America determined to see the murderous brigand brought to justice.  Once in Charles Town, he follows the Fox's trail to Brixton Hall Plantation where he meets Elise Cooper.  As Drake tracks the Fox, he and Elise fall deeply in love. Once they wed, everything seems idyllic, until a trap he sets for the Fox exposes his beloved as his sworn enemy, forcing him to choose between his quest for vengeance or the traitorous wife whose love and faith may prove to be his downfall or The Duke's Redemption. 

Set in ancient Rome, Caros Viriathos is an ex-gladiator who has everything except inner peace. When he buys Christian slave girl, Pelonia, on a whim, he never expects her or her faith to turn his life upside down and win his heart.

Rome, 81 AD - Former merchant turned slave and gladiator trainee, Quintus Ambustus will do almost anything to earn his freedom. Enslaved for his faith in Christ, he hopes someday to find a Christian woman to marry and share his life. A friend of Quintus's master, Adiona Leonia is one of wealthiest, most beautiful women in Rome. She has good reason to despise men and has vowed never to wed. Although each of them is attracted to the other, they're determined to fight their feelings. But when an attacker threatens Adiona's life and Quintus is made her protector, neither can resist their fascination for the other. As Adiona learns to trust, first Quintus, and then his God, Quintus learns the Lord's gifts sometimes come in the most unexpected packages and in ways he never dreamed possible.


Janet Tronstad said...

Carla -- What wonderful Christmas traditions! I love all the family gatherings (and wouldn't say no to the cinnamon rolls either)!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Carla, thanks for sharing your time at this busy season with us, I read many many books and I know you will be on my TBR list as I love the historical books and yours looks good...

Carla Capshaw said...

Janet, you're definitely welcome over for cinnamon rolls -- and all our other traditions. That goes for you, too, Jenny!

We have a great time. Mainly, because we're celebrating a birthday, so we make it a big, happy party. :-)

Carla Capshaw said...

Hi Anonyous! I'm happy to be here. Thanks so much for dropping by. I hope you enjoy my books. :-)


Virginia C said...

Hi, Jenny! I followed you here from eHarlequin : ) Carla, you are one of my favorite authors, and I wish you much continued success! Happy Holidays to you both : )

What I love most about the holidays is...that very special lightness of heart, a feeling that dreams will come true, and the child-like awe of the real magic of Christmas. It's not something that you can touch...but it definitely touches you!

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Victoria Bylin said...

Hi Carla! Being home for Christmas is my favorite thing, too. We've traveled in the past, and while it's fun to arrive, it's hard to say goodbye. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday!

Julie Hilton Steele said...

Carla and Jenny, hello! I have loved all of Carla's books. And I am jealous of the white sand though it is cold in your neck of the woods these days.

My favorite Christmas tradition is when the children come on my birthday and decorate the tree for me.

I am a big Christmas Carol fan. The book, the movies (Alistair Sim is my fave), God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen. Dickens all!

Have a blessed holiday,


Carla Capshaw said...

Virginia & Julie, thank you both so much for visiting with Jenny and me today. I'm so glad you've liked my books. That totally makes my week!

Virginia, I think you summed up the best part of the whole Christmas season.

Julie, when is your birthday? My dad's is tomorrow. We'll all be meeting at my parents' house to celebrate.

Hugs to you both!

Carla Capshaw said...

Vicky, you're right, there is no place like home for the holidays. ;-)

The only way I would even think of traveling at Christmas is to go to Germany for the Christmas markets that are supposed to be amazing. Then again, I could always go a week or two before the 25th, so I guess there really is no reason for me to be gone on Christmas day. Whew! That was a close one. :-)

Thanks for coming by!

Jennifer said...

Did someone say Cinnamon rolls? I want to do Christmas at your house! lol And December birthdays are the best! Just saying...

Anonymous said...

I just ran into Jenny and she told me that THE Carla Capshaw was here. Merry Christmas, Carla. I hope the new year brings you many book contracts so we can read more of your wonderful stories.

Christine Johnson said...

Hi Carla! Love the pickle hunt. What fun for the kids.

I love your books and look forward to The Champion as well as your upcoming trilogy. A Christmas Carol is a favorite of mine too, so I'm intrigued to discover what you (loosely) plan to do in your trilogy.

Merry Christmas and God bless you one and all!

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

I love the pickle tradition - how on earth did you ever come up with such a unique idea.

And a very Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family. :)

Terrie said...

Enjoyed all your books this year. Carla, love your pic of you. I agreed with interview number five about your favorite christmas movie. I am with you on that. I missed only five days ago , where did I go? oh yea, Was at West Virginia fill in with snow up there.
Merry Christmas Carla!

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