24 November 2010

Review of Uncertain Heart by Andrea Boeshaar

Uncertain Heart (Seasons of Redemption, #2)

Book Description:

Unwilling Warrior began the saga of the McCabe Family series that continues with book two, Uncertain Heart. A farmer is the last man Sarah wants to marry! After all, if Sarah McCabe had wanted to marry a farmer, she would have stayed home in Missouri. Ensconced as a governess for Captain Sinclair of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sarah knows firsthand the life she has always desired, a life of luxury, culture, and social privilege. But then she meets Richard Navis, the captain's steward, and those highfalutin dreams seem to vanish in salt air. Sarah loves his teasing tenderness and she admires his commitment to the Lord. Why should Richard want to leave behind his career to buy, of all things, a farm? Sarah McCabe knows exactly what she wants... but what does God want for her?

My Review:

This is the second book in the series and another wonderful read. Sarah arrives in Milwaukee to work for Captain Brian Sinclair as a Governess, but when she arrives no one meets her. She then walks to his place of employment and meets Richard the Captains right hand man. Richard would give anything to be a farmer but has to work for the Captain til Dec. Sarah is only in the city for the summer then hopes to go back to work in Chicago. The story is interesting as the Captain Sinclair has the house and lifestyle Sarah would love to live in and Richard wants to be a farmer the lifestyle Sarah wants to get away from.
This leads to some interesting encounters between the three. I love the story and the different lifestyles and how Sarah reacts with both men and also the children. It is also interesting how because the Captain is rich he thinks he can buy people or control people to do as he wants.
A good read.

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