3 September 2010

Interview with Michelle Sutton about her book In Plain Sight.

Today I have Michelle Sutton on my blog discussing her book In Plain Sight. This is a good book that I would be happy to recommend.

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I've written over a dozen edgy Christian novels currently out or releasing through 2012. Five are e-books, and the other ten are paperbacks. Most of my paperbacks are also in kindle format. I like to write about subjects not often talked about it Christian circles, but that are problems people have in the church. My sons just left for college and my husband and I (married 20 years)  live on four acres in southern Arizona.

2. What was you motivation for writing in plain sight?
I wanted to show how years of abusive treatment creates fear and causes certain behavior in women that they don't necessarily want to do, but it is like an instinctive protective mode. Patience and keeping secure boundaries is the only thing that helps women with these issues.

3. Did you have a favourite charactor in this book?
Of course. I love Jovana. I feel like she's a real person even though I made her up in my head.

4. I found reading the book I started reading and hearing the way Jovana taked and even speaking it after reading did you have fun with the accent?
Creating accents for characters is always a fun challenge for me. Somehow I figured out how to do that without making the dialog too hard to read. 

5. I found Jovana an interesting character and found some of her behaviour interesting. I love how you explain why she would feel and acts the way she does at times. Did you write her to help others understand people like Jovana?

Absolutely. While Jovana was abused by a boyfriend, many women are abused by fathers, uncles, and other men in their life as well. Jovana's behavior is pretty common. They fear being hurt so they try to control the situation before it happens and it often is misinterpreted by people around them. They are seen as seductive and they don't necessarily want to be that way. They are just scared.

6.  What do you hope readers take away from In Plain Sight?
Be patient with young ladies who seem like man hunters. Understand there may be way more going on with them than you can see on the surface. Oh, and Randy-type men are hot. Controlled desire is very attractive in a man. Also, listen to your instincts. If a guy seems overly charming or who does something that reminds you of a previous abusive person in your life, stay away from them. Your gut is usually right if you listen to it.

7. Will there be any more books in this series?
Unfortunately, no. I think the series has run it's course. 

For any who would like to read In Plain Sight can you give us a synopsis?
Jovana was held captive by her gypsy boyfriend for seven years, and when he abandons her she returns to her parents' home in Macedonia. Her brother Bojan introduces her to faith and offers her a new life in Arizona.

While in Arizona, she stays with her future sister-in-law, but as her brother's wedding approaches he is concerned that she will be unsafe staying alone. Her brother has his close friend, her boss Randy, stay with her while they are away to protect her, only she objects to being treated like a child. A handsome stranger is pursuing her and she likes it, but she has no idea his intentions are for her destruction.

On the other hand her boss, Randy, is a wholesome, good man who even speaks her language. She can't imagine a nice man like him wanting a woman with her history, so she pursues the dangerous man, but she gets in way over her head. At the same time she discovers a surprising attraction to Randy developing, and because she is afraid of her feelings toward him, she does everything she can think of to scare him off. But he's tough to shake loose, which is, of course, exactly what she needs to heal.

My Review:
Thanks to Michelle for my copy to read and review.

I read the first book in this series
Last year and really enjoyed the story. I was happy to read this book which features Jovana the sister of Bojan the hero of  Danger at the door.  We take up the story when Jovana has come to America to live escaping her ex who abused her in many different ways. Jovana is working at Bojan’s Diner. Randy is the manager and is helping keep an eye on Jovana who has limited English. I found it fun reading how easy it was for her to be confused with the American sayings trying to understand what is being said literally when its a saying.  Add to the mix Kurt who has designs on Jovana that are anything but nice you have another good light suspense. What I do like about this story is as we learn about the abuse Jovana experienced we also see how shes been conditioned to act in a certain way. Much like abused children will often test foster parents in a lets see how far I can push till you do what I know you will to me type situation and when the parent doesn’t react the way the child is use to they will then start to trust the family, Jovana also pushes the limits to see how far she can push. I like how Michelle explained the behaviour as if you haven’t been in this sort of situation many of us wouldn’t understood. While being a good book it also gives an insight to how people who have been abused may behave and is a good tool to help us understand these people more. I also love how Jovana is a new Christian and wants to be a better Christian but also struggles with her old life. This too is reality.
A very good read.

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Michelle Sutton said...

Thanks Jenny. Glad you enjoyed it!

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