4 May 2010

Review of A Daughter's Legacy by Virginia Smith

To receive her inheritance and make peace with her late mother, Kelli Jackson must abide by the woman's will. Even though it means working as a zookeeper for six months—with animals that terrify her. How can she possibly explain her fears—and her past—to her handsome boss, Jason Andover? The glimpses of kindness—and painful secrets—she sees in his eyes slowly have her sharing everything. But then she makes a startling discovery—one that may tear them apart forever. Unless she can return the gift of love he's given her.

My Review:
Virginia has written Love Inspired Suspense books before which I have loved but this is her first for the Love Inspired range. It is a very good first book and one I didn't want to put down.
Kelli has to work at the zoo for 6 months to receive her inheritance. The zoo is the last place she wants to be but the money would help with her Grandma who is starting to need more help and would help move her into assisted living. Jason is the one she will work for and ultimately decide her fate.
I love the way Virgina describes the animals and their characteristics, as she describes how one of the animals is just like a big version of a small domesticated one. (don't want to give anything away here). But reading this reminded me of going to the local zoo and seeing a medium sized cat and the way it rubbed against the cage was just like my cat at home. I wanted to take it home as it was so adorable but I remember saying I would love to take you home but you would eat my cat. Also with Kelli's Grandma there were things that I could relate to having an elderly mother (who is old enough to be my grandma) and some of the things that happen in that relationship.
I just loved the whole concept and I really hope to see more of these books by Virginia. Not only a great read also educational.

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Virginia Smith said...

Thanks, Jenny! I'm so glad you liked the book.

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