3 May 2010

Reminder Jewelry from KCWC

jewelry photo

(Raymondville, TX) — Kathy Carlton Willis Communications has commissioned a brilliant young jewelry designer named Becca’s Bangles to create “Reminder Jewelry” that reflects the messages their firm believes in. Sayings like: Dream Big, Follow Your Dreams, Believe, Achieve, and Shine On!
Kathy believes it’s essential to have visual reminders to help Christian leaders, authors and speakers remind themselves to stretch and grow. She says, “True faith and trust begins when believers step outside their comfort zones and allow God to not only lead and equip, but achieve God-sized goals.”
All of the KCWC reminder jewelry fits into the branding of the communications firm. The colors match the KCWC logo and the words and symbols match the KCWC core messages. The antique-style keys represent the doors God opens when we are willing to step out of our comfort zones.
The KCWC reminder jewelry is available for purchase on product tables wherever Kathy speaks, and also can be direct ordered by contacting Kathy at WillisWay@aol.com. You can request to view the current pieces available, or custom pieces can be created at your request.

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