22 January 2010

Review of A Forever Christmas by Missy Tippens

A Forever Chritmas 
Missy Tippens

Book Description:

Sarah Radcliffe's quiet Christmas back in her hometown will be lost if she agrees to direct the church's Christmas pageant. But when she meets two little boys determined to gain their father's attention, Sarah agrees to help. Then she discovers that the dad in question is Gregory Jones, the man she loved and lost. The single dad is working himself to the bone to give his boys the Christmas of their dreams, when all they want is some family time. Time that includes a new mommy. If Sarah can learn to open her heart, she may receive the most wonderful present of all--a family of her own.

My Review:
I was lucky to win this book during Missy's Blog tour of the book.
Another wonderful book by Missy. I love Christmas stories and once again I was reading this book at the cricket and finished it on New Years day after I returned (always extremely tired on the trip home from cricket). It was another book I wanted to keep reading. I love how Sarah helped with the Christmas Pageant and was an encouragement to Gregory's boys. Loved how her heart went out to them. I also liked seeing her insecurities about there father. It was also good seeing her lightbulb moments. This was a good read and I have the preceding book His Forever Love on my TBR list.

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