25 January 2010

Review of Courting the Doctors Daughter

Courting the Doctor's Daughter
Janet Dean

Product description:
A widow with three boys to raise, Mary Graves has no time for peddlers of phony medicine. She's a dedicated healer working alongside her doctor father. When a handsome stranger blows into town with his "elixir of health" and asks questions about her newly adopted son, Mary's determined to uncover the truth behind all his claims.

Once the reckless heir to a Boston fortune, Dr. Luke Jacobs travels the country with his herbal medicine while searching for his long-lost son. After meeting the feisty doctor's daughter and her youngest boy, Luke has found what he's been looking for at last. But can he convince her to let him into her home, her family--and her heart?

My Review:
I read Janet's first book Courting Miss Adelaide last year and couldn't wait to read this book. I was able to get it sent from America with some other books and finally got to it this week. For all you aussies out there you will be happy to know you can get it at Koorong.
I loved this book as much as Janet's first book. Maybe  I love reading about Doctors as they make good hero's but I enjoyed the story. What I love most about books now days is that the heroines and heros have issues they have to deal with. They no longer are people who seem to be flawless and while good in make believe are hard to associate with. Janet's characters have issues that are affecting them. While I haven't dealt with the same issues Mary and Luke have I can relate in other ways to there issues. I also love the way there isn't a quick fix but rather something suddenly clicks when you least expect it.
I myself had one of those moments a couple of weeks ago so I could relate well. Wonderful story. I am loving the love inspired range of books.

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