16 October 2009

Getting to Know you Thursday with Kathleen Y'Barbo

Welcome Kathleen Y'Barbo to Getting to Know you Thursday. Im a little late this week partly due to Blogger not co orporating with me.
Thanks Kathleen for taking the time to be on my blog. I have been Reading Kathleen's book for many years and do enjoy her stories.

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I'm the author of historical and contemporary Christian novels as well as nonfiction books on divorce and empty nest. I've got a degree in Marketing from the Mayes School of Business at Texas A&M University and hold a certification as a paralegal. In addition, I am a publicist for Books & Such Literary Agency.

2. When you were a child did you have a favourite book or books?
Oh yes! I loved so many books, but my earliest memories are of reading The Borrowers, The Little Princess, the Pollyanna series, and all the Little House on the Prairie books. Later I discovered Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird and was mesmerized by both the story and the way it was told. I read that book when Scout Finch and I were the same age, which was a memorable experience.

3. Do you have a favourite Genre to both read and right write?
I love writing historical romance. The challenge of setting and time is such fun! I'm thrilled when I can meld research with story. As to what I read, that's really hard to pin to any specific genre. Tell me a good story and I'm hooked.

4. Did you have favourite authors growing up who have influenced you?
Other than those already mentioned, there are so many more. In the interest of brevity, I will only mention two. Margaret Mitchell stunned me with her ability to keep a story interesting and characters ever evolving through a novel that was SO long. Some twenty years ago, I read a novel called And the Ladies of the Club by Helen Hooven Santmeyer that, when it ended, made me grieve for the loss of my friends. This, too, was a very long book but so well written that I felt as though each time I opened it I was spending time with people I knew and loved. I've always wanted to write characters that would transcend fiction.

5. When did you know you wanted to be an author?
When I was 5. I was in love with a classmate whose name shall not be mentioned. I remember asking my parents to help me spell the following: My heart beats for you. Yes, 5. In any case, I blame this lad for my love of writing and romance. And no, the relationship did not last. :)

6. How did you go about becoming an author?
I read - LOTS! Then I wrote - LOTS! Then I sought out a writers group and admitted to others that I was a writer. It was that last step that took the longest. I still do all three of those, by the way, and I highly recommend anyone who wants to write do the same.

7. If you were not a writer what would you like to be?
I'm already doing it! I love telling the world about great books, so my other job as a publicist for Books & Such Literary Agency (http://www.booksandsuch.biz/) fits me well.

8. Outside reading and writing what do you like to do?
I have a Miniature Schnauzer named Baxter who loves going on long walks with me. For longer trips I leave Baxter at home and take a spin in my red MINI Cooper convertible, which my kids have affectionately named Rupert. Spending time with friends and family is also high on the list.

9. Do you have a place you love to visit or would love to visit?
I love the Texas Hill Country, especially in the spring when the bluebonnets are in bloom. Many years ago, my family visited Australia and had a fabulous time at the Taronga Zoo. I would love to once again take the ferry over and repeat that trip. With my children now grown, it would be such fun to see them in that environment again.

10. If you could have a meal with 3 living people who would you choose and why?
Easy! That would be my two sisters and my brother, all of whom live in different cities several hours away. Because of our schedules, we haven't been at the same table together in far too long!

Finally can you tell us about your current books and/or any that will be coming out soon. Also where we can find you on the web.
My website is http://www.kathleenybarbo.com/, and you MUST check it out as it is all new!

My latest releases are:

The Confidential Life of Eugenia Cooper- #1 All That Glitters Series
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Gilded Age romance collides with Wild West adventure! New York socialite Eugenia Cooper longs to enjoy one last escapade before she marries banker Chandler Dodd.
Opportunity knocks, and she heads for rough-and-tumble Colorado. When she takes the job as governess for silver baron Daniel Beck’s daughter, she wonders where her future lies. With Chandler—or with Daniel?

Beloved Counterfeit – #3 Fairweather Keys Series
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When the less-than-reputable Ruby O’Shea washes up on the shores of Fairweather Key, she’s determined to bury her past and make a new life for herself and her three nieces. But doing so will entail secrecy and deception. Is that any way to start anew? When Micah Take, a wrecker, widower and soon-to-be preacher, falls for Ruby, it seems a wedding is certain and her past unimportant. But as Ruby’s secrets are uncovered, Micah finds himself falling short of the grace of forgiveness. Will Micah abandon the heart that God has won? Or will he stand by his woman against all odds?

Wild West Christmas -by Kathleen Y’Barbo, Lena Nelson Dooley, Darlene Franklin, and Vickie McDonough – Arriving September 2009
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Romance takes root in the lives of a Texas rancher’s four daughters.
Charlsey Ames loves being a cowhand until a dandy tenderfoot from the city begins opening her eyes to unexplored territory.
Sharpshooter Lucy Ames takes a shot at love while traveling with a Wild West show. Horse-trainer Sarah Ames finds herself falling for a suspicious drifter with a gentle hand.
Tracker Bessie Mae Ames is being trailed by a handsome yet guarded Texas Ranger. Will love corral these Lone Star ladies hearts this Christmas?

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