1 September 2009

Review Honor in the Dust by Gilbert Morris

Product Description

In the moral confusion of the court of King Henry VIII, young Stuart Winslow has many choices to make -- and lives depend on what he will choose.

Born in poverty when his father was forced to choose between the woman he loved and the wealth of his aristocratic family, the determined Stuart Winslow will go to any lengths to improve his social position. When his skills in weapons design and falconry secure a place for him in the court of King Henry VIII, he quickly learns that the court is really a wicked cauldron of vices, power plays, and temptations -- some of them very much to his liking.

When William Tyndale, an acquaintance of Stuart's, makes it known that his ambition is to translate the Bible into the language of the common man, the king opposes Tyndale's efforts and sentences him to death. If Stuart opposes the king in this, he will share the same fate. Is he willing to risk death at the stake for the sake of Christ? And how will he choose between the innocent Heather, who has long loved him, and the courtwise Nell?

In Honor in the Dust, bestselling author Gilbert Morris beautifully captures the tone of the Tudor period, chronicling the period's excesses with skill and prudence. But like Morris's other novels, this book also contrasts those excesses with the godly behavior of characters such as William Tyndale. In this captivating historical drama, Stuart Winslow is caught between two worlds: one that promises material and worldly success and one that promises salvation. Is his faith strong enough to withstand such a challenge?

About the Author
Born in 1929 in Forrest City, Arkansas, Gilbert Morris earned a B.A. and an MsE from Arkansas State University and a Ph. D. from the University of Arkansas. Since 1986 he published 205 novels and been awarded five Silver Angel Awards and a Christy Award.Dr. Morris lives in Gulf Shores, Alabama, with his wife.

My Review:

Gilbert Morris is my favourite author and I love the House of Winslow series. Seeing where the Winslows come from is good. This book is good one I found it interesting hearing about life at court and how immoral it was. Hearing about life at court and about some of the things King Henry viii did was eye opening. I found it interesting hearing about William Tyndale was good also. I love the way Gilbert incorporates alot of actual history in his books which give you the feel of being there. This book didn't disappoint me and I look forward to the next in the series. A great read.

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