9 July 2009

Welcome to Get to know you Thursdays

Hi all,
Just wanted to update you on me and let you know about a new feature of my blog.
Many of you know how tough things have been the past 6 - 8 months. Firsts mum broke her leg badly and is now permanately in a nursing home. Then I was evicted partly cos the ex landlord is wanting to sell the house. Then applying for unemployment. The latest is I am starting Tafe/college the end of July so have just applied for austudy tonight. (Pray i dont have to wait to get payments).

In all thats happened God has been in control. I wish mum hadn't broken her leg but even with this happening I can see Gods hand in this. You see we still would have had to move and moving with mum at home would have been a nightmare as Mum was a huge hoarder things like bags and other not so useful things. It took quite a bit to go through all mum's stuff and pack to move and with mum home would have been really hard. This is a wonderful house I am in now and I feel safe and really happy here. The last place had become very unsafe for me mentally due to feelings of being stalked. Also this house is so much warmer and will be so much cooler in summer. But in saying that it is not a place mum would have been able to come to the way was was. So finding a place she would have been ok in would have been extremely hard when there is little to no rental places in this town. This place was a God send and close to everything. Tafe is 5 min walk, The nursing home 5 mins, Shops and Church both about 10 mins walk. So I get to exercise.

Also mum was getting to the stage she was going to need more help and getting her into a nursing home would have been much harder, this way she just couldn't come home cos shes bed ridden so I am not at blame for putting her there which would have happened the other way.
So while its been a very hard several months God has opened the doors to my new life, which it feels like as I had been a carer for mum unofficially for around 15 years.
When I booked a week away the end of March it felt wonderful to actually do this then tell mum when I had it organized and not have to ask for permission. The stress has eased and I am looking forward to going to college to do Business Cert 2 and then onto 3 and 4 the next 2 years.

Ok onto my new feature. On Thursdays I will be starting a Getting to Know you corner.
I will be interviewing a different author on Thursdays to introduce them to my readers and help my blog readers learn about different authors. I also hope to have a feature where I will be doing a get to know you feature on readers who have book blogs so you can get to know some of the other bloggers out there and read there reviews also. Im hoping you will comment on the interviews as I know there are several readers who stop by and dont often comment.

1 comment:

Beth said...

Sounds like we've both had a tough year, for different reasons.
I hope you can follow some of your dreams, and my God bless you in this new chapter in your life.

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