29 April 2009

Kent Whitaker Appearance on 20/20

This note comes from Kathleen Y'Barbo, PublicistBooks & Such Literary Agency
I hope some of you will be able to see the program and will be in prayer also.

From time to time I like to take the opportunity to let my bloggers know
about upcoming events of interest to Christian book lovers. This Friday, May 1,
bestselling author Kent Whitaker will appear on ABC's 20/20 program to tell his
story of forgiving the unforgivable: a son who planned the murder of his own
family. I will be sending out a press release with more details. Please consider
letting your readers know about this event, and pass the information on to
anyone who you might feel will post it. It is a rare opportunity for God's
message of forgiveness to shine, and I would love to see as many Christians as
possible praying it will go out to ready and open hearts.

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