23 January 2009

Review of Courting Miss Adelaide by Janet Dean

Book Description:
The “orphan train” seemed like small-town spinster Adelaide Crum’s last chance to know the simple joys of family life. So many lost children, every one of them dreaming only of a caring home—the home she longed to offer. And yet the narrow-minded town elders refused to entrust even the most desperate child to a woman alone….

Newspaperman Charles Graves believed his heart was closed forever, but he swore to stand by this lovely, lonely woman who was fighting for the right to take some motherless child into her heart. And her gentle soul and unwavering faith made him wonder if even he could overcome the bitter lessons of the past, and somehow find the courage to love….

My Review:
I enjoyed this book I do like historical Fiction and the "Orphan Train" is an interesting period in America's history which still has an effect today for people adopting children from overseas which is a real positive compared to some other countries.
This is Janet's debut book and its a great read. I admire Adelaide she's a determined lady but hasn't always been this strong. Charles also has some issues he has to deal with as the book progresses.
Throw in a few towns people who seem to think they know whats good for everyone but are really narrow minded in many ways and you have a wonderful, heartwarming read. Janet captures the emotions of the issues so well and how she deals with some of the issues near the end is extremely well done. I for one can't wait for the next book.
4.5 our of 5 great read.

If you are in Australia this book is available at Koorong.

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Beth said...

Sounds interesting. I've put it on my 'To Buy' list at Koorong.

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