6 January 2009

review of All Jingled Out by Pamela Dowd and Christine Lynxwiler

Product Description:
Authors Christine Lynxwiler and Pamela Dowd deliver two witty, contemporary tales of motherhood and the trappings of "the perfect holiday." Penny Lassiter’s comfortable Christmas traditions are upset by her husband’s off-the-wall plan to reconnect with his family through a cross-country RV trip. Will Christmas on the road lead to peace and goodwill—or mere holiday mayhem? In the second story, Maggie Mackenzie confronts her own people-pleasing tendencies as she tries and fails and tries again to simplify her Christmas preparations. Can these two mothers survive the season without the pomp and circumstance?
My Review:
Another wonderful Chirstmas Novella but different from the normal ones. Both Stories were wonderful and I read this before Christmas. We have a low key lead up to Christmas and do things thoughout the year. Dont stress about the perfect Christmas and by keeping it simple its more enjoyable. These 2 stories are about 2 women who like to have the perfect Christmas with all the stress etc but things change for both women in totally different ways. It was fun to read how they cope with the different situations and how they learn to appreciate Christmas without all the presure to have it perfect. I really loved this book as its not so much a romance book but a wonderful Christmas story. 4.5 out of 5.

1 comment:

Beth said...

I read these two books as part of a 4 novella collection (can't remember the title at the moment). I thought these were really good. The other 2 books in that novell were also about mothers who just wanted a stress free Christmas.

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