28 January 2009

Jenny's weekend update

Hi all just had to share what a great weekend its been. for any who don't know I'm a Cricket Fanatic. I love Cricket and love watching Australia and South Africa.
On Australia day we had the traditional Australia day match in Adelaide with Australia v South Africa.
My favourite Cricketer is Neil McKenzie from South Africa and he is here for the tour. I did see him in Melbourne and when I went to the net practice here in Adelaide when he arrived I took a photo and he says "Hi Jenny and I thought I saw you a couple of weeks back" to which I said yes it was me! Now this may not seem much but its 7 years since I last saw him and he remembered my name. This means so much to me. He asked how I was and really was and he cares.
This is why hes my Favourite Cricketer he is special cos he makes a fan feel special. I had a photo with him which I will upload when I can to share.
I got it signed yesterday and he wished me well with mum (shes still in hospital after breaking her leg and things are very up in the air at present). I'm sure he doesn't realize how much these small things mean to someone like me, Its just part of him but its what makes him so special.
Oh I was reading a book waiting to get the autograph.
I just had to share as Neil has really made my weekend. Oh South Africa did win the match which means they won the series. As most people thought I was going for South Africa I was! I didn't mind it Australia won but I had to cheer when Neil took 2 good catches and fielded well now didn't I?
I go home tomorrow and will add a photo tomorrow or the next day.
I hope I didn't bore you all I just wanted to share cos I am still on cloud 9.
And for all you in the cold we are sweltering yesterday was 43.2 Celsius and today they say 44 Celsius

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