13 December 2008

Christmas Focus with Therese M. Stenzel

Our last Christmas focus on A Bride by Christmas, Next week will have 3 different Authors.

Today Therese M. Stenzel is here to share some insites and Congrats to Therese on her first book.

I hope you will all come and support her.

Thanks Therese for sharing with my readers. I was so excited to have you visit and knowing this is your first novel is so exciting.

1. For you what do you most associate with Christmas where you live?
Cold weather (which I love) and Christmas lights

2. Do you have any special family traditions you do at Christmas time?
We drive around and look at Christmas lights and each child (I have three) gets to sit on my husband’s lap and “steer” while we go through the neighborhood. (Jenny here we do that minus the child on a lap! but its part of Christmas here too)

3. Do you have a favorite Christmas Carol and if so do you know why?
God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman because I am obsessed with all things English and it sounds very British.

4. If you could spend Christmas anyway you could how would you celebrate?
I’d go, with my family, to an old hotel in the English countryside and see how they celebrate—with grog and wassail and Father Christmas.

5. Now a few questions about A bride by Christmas. I really loved the concept
of this book was it hard to co-ordinate with the other authors?
No, they were wonderful. I was the “newbie” author and Vickie McDonough and Linda Goodnight are award winning authors, so they were very helpful. The only theme our stories shared was someone in Kansas, who was from a foreign country, had to get married by Christmas

6. What was the best part about writing the Novella?
Learning from the other authors and selling my first book. (Oops, that’s two LOL) (Jenny again, Congrats on your first book it was really good)

7. I enjoyed the whole story you created, did you have a theme when you were writing An English Bride goes West?
Theme? Oh dear was I suppose to have one of those? I like to sit and write the story as it comes to me, then I tweak, tweak, tweak. Ultimately, it is a story of redemption. No matter the past, the Lord can handle today. (Jenny again no you didn't need a theme)

8. Do you have a Christmas message for my readers?
Don’t send Christmas cards. Don’t shop til you drop. Don’t decorate your house from stem to stern. Relax. Sip hot cocoa with your kids. Bring muffins to your neighbor—don’t try to do everything. You can’t do it all. Just do what God gives you the grace to do. He wants you to enjoy Christmas!


Martha A. said...

I love the end of that! Don't try to do everything! There is always so much this time of year and I think I do try to do so much because it is expected. There are things to go to to see family plays, christmas letters, cookies to bake etc. and we forget the true meaning! Thanks for the reminder!

Pamela J said...

Out of the advise given to us for this season, I am already doing (or not doing) three of the five specific things. I will have to work on sipping hot cocoa with someone's kids since ours are states away from us and I certainly can do muffins for some neighbors. We did bake a pecan pie for a friend for his birthday yesterday, does that count?
I think the unintentional theme to your novella, Therese, sounds wonderful. If only we could all learn from knowing it for ourselves. I'm looking forward to reading this. GO, GIRL!!
Pam W

Becky C. said...

I enjoyed the interview, and I too, would love to spend Christmas in England.

Please enter me in the contest for the book.

Thank you,

Becky C.


carla stewart said...

My congrats again, Therese, on your first book! I know you are thrilled. Thanks, Jenny, for the great interview. For you both, I would love to spend a Christmas in England, too.

Golden Keyes Parsons said...

Congratulations, Therese, on your first book! I look forward to reading it. And I would love to spend a Charles Dickens' type Christmas in England, complete with snow, wassail and plum pudding :)

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