6 December 2008

Christmas Focus with Tamela Hancock Murray

Christmas focus, Snowbound Colorado Christmas with Tamela Hancock Murray
This is the final installment of this series and I want to thank Tamela for coming to my blog. Also the other ladies. New week will be focusing on A Bride by Christmas. I have 3 interviews to put up next week. I will also do my memories this weekend. Dont forget to enter the contest on the right. This has been so much fun this week.


Tamela Thanks for agreeing to be on my blog for my Christmas special.
I am trying to be a little creative!

I think you were very creative! (Jenny here Thanks)

Firstly thanks for coming to my blog as we are focusing on Christmas.
So I thought I would have a few fun questions first.

Wonderful! You remind me of my fun-loving heroine, Thalia, in my novella, “Fires of Love.” Thalia is one of my favorite heroines in my stories. (Wow thankyou so much)

For you what do you most associate with Christmas where you live?

Every time I hear the song “White Christmas” I think of how where I grew up in Southern Virginia. We never expected a white Christmas. December 25 was more likely to be balmy or cold enough only to require a light jacket. We don’t have many white Christmases in my part of Northern Virginia, either. What I do love about Virginia is that our weather is cold enough to feel like winter, but we are rarely inconvenienced by lots of snow. Of course, a blizzard is the backdrop of SNOWBOUND COLORADO CHRISTMAS, so I enjoyed writing it because the setting was so different for me. (Jenny here I think our ideas of balmy are slightly differnent)

2. Do you have any special family traditions you do at Christmas time?

We eat dinner out on Christmas eve and then go to the midnight service at church.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas carol and if so do you know why?

“The First Noel” is one of my favorite hymns, and I also love to sing “Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel” in church. I love the harmony of “Carol of the Bells” and enjoy seeing that song performed. My teenager is learning it on the piano now. I also enjoy “Silver Bells” because that song is cheerful and brings to mind happy images for me. I have lots of Christmas music I enjoy playing while I write Christmas cards and wrap gifts.

4. If you could spend Christmas anyway you could how would you celebrate?

Exactly as I do – with worshiping the Lord at church and then spending the day with my family.

5. Now a few questions about Snowbound Colorado Christmas. I really loved the concept
of this book was it hard to co-ordinate with the other authors?

Not at all. My friend Lena Nelson Dooley and I had one scene we worked out with her doctor and my hero, and we enjoyed working together there. Otherwise, the four authors agreed on a backdrop and we wrote our stories. I believe readers will enjoy all the stories, because Lena, Susan Page Davis, and Darlene Franklin are wonderful authors.

6. What was the best part about writing the Novella?

For me, the best part was learning more about the history of a state I had visited in the past. Colorado is beautiful and I hope to return some day for a longer visit.

7. I loved your western story and enjoyed the whole story you created did you have a theme when you were writing Fires of Love?

Thank you for your kind words about “A Gamble on Love” in BROTHERS OF THE OUTLAW trail. That set is quite popular. I had fun writing my first western with such great authors.

As for “Fires of Love,” the primary theme is second chances. I believe almost everyone needs a second chance now and again in relationships.

8. Do you have a Christmas message for my readers?

I pray that each and every one of my readers finds abundant love and blessings this Christmas. I pray for a sense of peace to reign over families and friends. I wish all of my readers a joyous Christmas and a bountiful 2009.

Thanks again Tamela, Lena, Susan and Darlene this has been so much fun.

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Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Wonderful interview, Jenny and Tamela. I really loved working with this whole team.

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