24 December 2008

Christmas Focus with Rachel Hauck

This year I was doing a Christmas newletter and below are the questions I asked. We have a Rachel in our group from Australia and I accidently sent this to Rachel Hauck and both got a laugh out of my mistake. But rather than not use her answers I wanted to include it in my Christmas Focus special.
Thanks Rachel for playing along.

Hey Jenny, how fun!

Thanks for inviting me along. :) My answers are below!


1. What is your first Christmas memory?
Rh: I'm not sure it's my first, but it's one I can remember now. We lived in Oklahoma and I got this kit that made candy in the shape of spiders and snakes. Maybe a precursor to the Gummy Bear and Gummy worm. Anyway, we made so many of those we got sick. Ha!

2. What is a typical Christmas eve and Christmas Day at your place?
RH: My husband and I go to church on Christmas Eve since he's one of the pastors and I am the worship leader. It's a lovely candlelight service. Afterwards, we go to friends for awhile, or go home and watch Christmas movies.

Christmas Day, we sleep in since we don't have children. Waking up, we eat breakfast and open presents. It's a lovely day. Sometimes we have people over for dinner, sometimes we visit, other years we've let the drift by in peaceful quiet.

If we're visiting family, all bets are off! But it's always fun!

3. Do you have any traditions from childhood you still do or do you have new ones now and what are they or just name one?
RH: The tree lights must be on before opening gifts. That's a tradition from my family. Not having kids, we don't focus much on carrying forward those traditions, but we try to have some of our own. I try to bake during the holiday season, and make my mom's famous rolls.

We've developed a few of our own. Like for me, my husband is not allowed to buy me any gift that works in the kitchen. (smile) We also give a Jesus Birthday gift every year.

4. What is your favourite Christmas Carol and do you have a reason for this?
RH: I love all Christmas Carols, but I really love the song Mary Did You Know, as well as White Christmas, and the Christmas Song. Mary Did You Know is such a great song about the Deity of Jesus. Very powerful. The others just warm my heart from my childhood. I love Andy Williams singing "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," too.

5. What would your perfect Christmas be?
RH: All the family together with snow falling outside and a fire in the fireplace while each person opens one gift they really wanted. And lots of good food.

6. Finally Do you remember a special gift you have received for christmas?
RH: One year friends of the family gave me a large sum of cash. I was in college at the time and the money was a blessing!


Rachel Hauck said...

Hey Jenny,

Thanks so much! I appreciate you letting me play along!

Merry Christmas!


Rel said...

Lovely interview, girls :) Loved that it was unplanned!

Merry Christmas!

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