18 December 2008

Christmas Focus with Lauraine Snelling

Christmas Focus with Lauraine Snelling author of One Perfect Day

Thanks Lauraine for taking the time to visit with us today. I have enjoyed reading your books for awhile now and am excited to have you on my blog.
In Australia we have one week till Christmas and although the weather is dismal for Summer It really is feeling like Christmas.

Now onto our interview with Lauraine.

1. What do I associate with Christmas where I live.

Tons of new catalogues. Plenty from ones I already shop with but others I’ve never even heard of. How many trees died for all these catalogues? How much landfill is being used up? Not very inspirational I know. Usually the decorations on Main street and the music remind me that Christmas is coming. How I love the music of Christmas. (Jenny Here I do too)

2. Special family traditions?

We used to have more. One we dearly loved was the entire family going shopping for our yearly Christmas ornament. Most of them are still in the Christmas boxes to be put up again. Great memory lane when we decorate the tree. After FINALLY agreeing on the ornament, we would all go out for dinner, not something we did so often when the children were little. Did I mention there were a few disagreements on what ornament, that older son thought someone forgot to feed him, waiting for the other two to agree, I often wondered why I ever dreamed up such an event and yet we remember those jaunts fondly.

3. A favorite Carol?

What Child is This? I have always loved this song, how could one not? One our children’s choir sang when I was in it, and now I can’t think of the title but the animals in the Bethlehem stable sing what they brought to the Christ child. (This is a Carol I also love, we have an icecream van come round in Summer and it plays this song)

4. How would I spend Christmas if I could celebrate any way I wanted?

I’ve thought about this a lot. If you mean anything is possible, I would have our daughter alive again, but healthy and without the cancer, as if that had never happened. She’d be here to celebrate, to help make cookies, to say on the phone, “hi Mom” and perhaps be married and bring grandchildren to our house, or we’d go see them and the rest of the family would come and we’d be together again. We know Marie would not cook the dinner, she didn’t like to cook but the rest of us would take care of that. Now to wipe away the tears and go on with the questions. You said anything.

5. What inspired the story for One Perfect Day?

I have two friends that had kidney transplants and one is still alive. The other’s kidney worked for twenty years or more but when it started to fail, there was no other kidney available for her. She made a lot of differences in students and friends by her life. I met a woman who works with an organ donation organization and she gave me a lot of material and encouraged me. Combine this with the drive to have a perfect Christmas, many of us have been down that road, and a story was born. I believe so strongly that everyone should mark the organ donor spot on their drivers license.

6. Was it hard to write from both mother’s point of view?

Not really because I write several viewpoints in all my novels. But I warn readers, One Perfect Day is a two boxer, meaning keep the tissue box handy. I used up plenty writing it, crying my way through scenes with both Nora and Jenna.

7. Do I have something I want readers to take away from this book?

Several things actually. I hope to help people learn about loss and grieving before they have to learn it personally. We all will have times of grief in our lives, but no one teaches us about grieving. I hope this story helps. The most important part of that is to let God hold us and guide us through the grieving. He said he would and He never breaks a promise. Even if we don’t feel like He is. All through the grief I knew one thing for sure, God loves me and would never let me go, even when I was at my most angry and trying to push Him away. Our Father never lets go. His love never ends.

8. Do I have a Christmas message for your readers?

Don’t try to have that perfect Christmas at the expense of your family, yourself and those you love. Relax and let love flow out from you and God’s love flow through you to bless all those around you. That’s the greatest gift you can give, you never run out of love, the more you understand how high, wide, long and deep God’s love is for you. You, me, He loves us no matter what. Isn’t that incredible? So rejoice, and let the peace of God rule in you richly. And sometimes you have to be quiet to let Him fill you. Take time to let His word fill you. Rejoice.


Lauraine Snelling


Anonymous said...

Beautiful interview and I will be buying this book sometime soon. It sounds wonderful.

I know there can be no greater loss than that of a child....I hurt so much for Ms. Snelling and know the holidays must be a mixed blessing.

Good job and thank-you for the recommendation.

Gayla Collins

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

I enjoyed the interview. I've had readers compare my writing to Tracie Peterson's and Lauraine's. What an honor.

Bonnie Leon said...

Wonderful interview. Lauraine always has something to say that blesses me.




Ann Shorey said...

What a great interview. I loved Lauraine's open sharing. I lost someone very dear to me in December, so the month is bittersweet. But God's remarkable gift of His Son brings the promise that we will see our loved ones again.

Ann Shorey

Crystal Laine Miller said...

Lauraine is a favorite author for me and my sister-in-law, Melba.

This is interview that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Jenny, for interviewing, and thanks, Lauraine, for sharing such deeply personal things.

Also, organ donation is also a something I feel strongly about.

Thanks, again.

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