10 December 2008

Christmas Focus A Bride by Christmas review

This week we are focusing on A Bride by Christmas. I have 3 Authors interviews to post this week. We dont have a giveaway this week but I hope that doesn't stop you from supporting the Authors who give up there time for us.

Product Description
Get caught up in four historical romances in which unusual circumstances cause four young people to seek marriage before another prairie Christmas comes around. When marriage is given a deadline, the results are anything but conventional. Jackson needs a mother for his niece. Jerome needs money that can only come by taking a wife. Katherine needs to fulfill a promise. Anastasia needs to escape an evil plot. Can each find a spouse by Christmas?

My Review.
As I have mentioned I love Christmas and Christmas novels and novella's. This is another wonderful book. Its a historical Fiction which I love best. Each novella there is a need in each story for a wedding to take place by Christmas. Its interesting seeing how it unfolds. While the book is set in America there are brides from 4 different countries and we get to see a few ideas from different places. I enjoyed each of the stories and the way they played out. I would recomend this book and give it 4.5 our of 5.

1 comment:

Beth said...

I'm thinking a boyfriend by Christmas might be nice ;) - for me that is!!

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