27 November 2008

Give away A Christmas Sleigh Ride

From the back cover.
Christmas sleigh Rides - the Tradition harks back to the days when life moved at a slower, softer pace. Two people, snuggled together under a warm blanket., conversing in the crisp winter air, can learn much about each other. But for two women of the nineteenth cnetury, will there be a man to offer the invitation?

Cold as Ice describes Estelle's heart. Since her fiance died in the Civil War, she believes Christmas is no longer worth celebrating and balks at helping her neice prepare for a holiday wedding. Who would think of offering Estelle a romantic sleigh ride?

Take Me Home is Kathleen's one request. Undertaking her first teaching postition away from home might have been a mistake. How can she have a "real" Christmas without the holiday preparations with her family, traditions of get-togethers, and sleigh rides?

Will Kathleen and Estelle wither in self-pity this Christmas or open their hearts to the unexpected? Can they renew their faith in the true meaning of the season?

I accidently bought an extra copy of this book so am giving one away to one lucky person in Australia. If you would like to win this book please leave a comment and a way to contact you by next Wednesday (Dec 3) 6pm. Sorry due to cost I cant afford to sent our of Australia


Laetitia :-) said...

Ooh, ooh, pick me! Pick me! :-)

I've been reading the 1st chapters you post for a while now - where do you get your books? I don't see them in our local Christian bookshop (I'm in Mackay) but I'm going to Brisbane soon so I'll be able to check out a few larger ones then.

Contact me at: laetitia@b-m.id.au

Laetitia :-)

Jewelz said...

Cool! Sounds like a great book!
Please enter me :)

Beth said...

Cool - literally. You can't have sleigh rides without snow.

Yes, I'd love to enter your giveaway.

bethstitch09 (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) au

Have you figured out what you're doing for Christmas yet?

Naomi said...

Hey Jenny please enter me this one sounds nice.

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