23 November 2008

Faith 'n Fiction Saturday - Dream Movie

Welcome to Faith 'n Fiction Saturday where we get together and talk about our favorite subject!

Today's Question:
We've been blessed to finally start seeing some of our favorite Christian books come to life on film. So far, these have been largely low budget films, but they generally get the heart of the books across. But my question for you is...if you had an unlimited budget, what Christian fiction book would you like to see made into a film? Who would you cast in the main roles? Would you have a preference on director? Any songs you'd like to see on the soundtrack?

My Answer:

I would say Mary Conneally's Lassoed in Texas Series. I would love to see Petticoat Ranch and Calico Canyon on film.
They would be so funny. not sure of the soundtrack. Not sure about who to play the roles either. But Dakota Fanning could be one of the girls shes got grit.

I would love to see Falcon and the Sparrow by ML Tyndall made into a movie too. I have always loved Hornblower and this is in that era. I could see the one of the higher officers I dont know his name but he played Hornblowers first captain as Chase and not sure for Dominique but maybe someone like Kiera Knightly. Not sure of the music either but I do love that era.


Smilingsal said...

I haven't read that one, but I've heard good things about it. A western would be a change. Come and see my answer.


bigguysmama said...

jenny, i'd LOVE to see ML's books as movies! definitely Kiera as the heroine! :) i'm loving all these ideas. i'm working on my thoughts still! :)

Mimi B

Jessica said...

I'd like to see some portion of Francine Rivers Mark of the Lion series on film. If they could put the kind of money into these books that they put into the gladiator, I think it would be awesome.
Peretti's would be interesting on film too. Kind of like Constantine, but Christian. LOL

Nise' said...

I loved Hornblower too! I am definitely putting The Falcon and The Sparrow on my TBR list!

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