16 October 2008

Where have I been

Hi all, I know I have been missing in action for a bit. I have been on my own adventure to Canada and 5 days in Washington State.

The main reason was for my friends wedding in the greater Toronto area but I had an adventure as well.

My first stop was on the Sunshine coast of British Colombia where my friend lives. Not sure how many of you remember the TV series "The Beachcombers"? Well it was filmed at Gibson's Landing near where my friend lives.

The photo on the right is the Persephone the boat from the series.

The photo on the left shows Molly's Reach the dinner from the series and the Smithy's marina is owned by the producer of Stargate SG1 so I am told. 2 shows I really liked.
Next was a visit to Pemberton and Whistler. This is the top of the mountain and the views were breathtaking. Words do not describe how beautiful it was. Only think I didn't see was a bear!

After Pemberton was a visit to Port Orchard and Seattle with
another friend. We saw the Olympic game farm which has bears and other animals. Saw the space needle but as it was overcast didn't go up it. The Seattle Aquarium. Oh and I got to see chipmunks.

Next stop was Bramalea in the great Toronto area. Here was where my friend was getting married. This photo is of me at Niagara Falls. I also had a day trip to Toronto and went up the CN tower and saw the Hockey hall of fame (boring to an Aussie who doesn't understand Ice Hockey). My friend has squirrels who visit her home and I loved them. They are so cute.

Here is a photo of me at the wedding. I had my final couple of days in Vancouver where I got to see 3 Raccoons. That was exciting also.
Other highlights were eating dipping dots boy are they yummy. Meeting other friends again and some new internet friends. I loved watching the squirrels. The leaves turning colour was magical also.
Except the chest cold I got there and have freshened up now Im home it was a great time away. I cant wait to go back.
I have been to tired to read much but will get back into review shortly. I have a few interviews lined up to add and a couple of giveaways lined up also. Stay tuned.


Alexis said...

Hi Jenny. I really love how you have set this up. The pics are great. It's too bad we weren't able to meet up again. Next time you are in Canada.... come and see me k! Love ya girl! HUGSSSSS

Ausjenny said...

I sure hope so as I plan to stay in calgary.

Rel said...

Great trip notes and pics, Jen :)


Naomi said...

Welcome home Jenny. Love all the photos. Will call you soon.

Brittanie said...

I love Dippin Dots too. My favorite is mint chocolate. I have never been north of the Mason Dixon Line US but the pictures of Canada are beautiful. :)

Cristi said...

Awesome pictures and love the details of your trip, which sounds like you had a lovely time! Big smiles~Cristi :)

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