10 July 2008

Blog tour Promises, Promises by Amber Miller Interview and giveaway

Interview with Amber Miller

Firstly thanks for agreeing to this interview and congratulations on your debut novel I rea
lly enjoyed it and the historic setting.

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in a small suburb of Washington, D.C. with roots in Virginia and Kentucky as well as Pennsylvania, but I spent most of my life living in Delaware until most recently when I got married to the love of my life, Stuart (also a writer) and moved to the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. From an early age, I’ve always loved to read and tell stories, but I also love traveling, photography, horses, movies and music.

2. How did you know you wanted to be a writer, have you always had the desire or did it come later?

I have been writing for most of my life, but it wasn’t until I was a Senior in high school that I got the ‘bug’ to write. My English teacher saw potential, and as an author herself, she encouraged me to pursue the talent further. However, I became more focused on finishing my education and getting my degree, so my writing took up residence on the back burner.

It wasn't until 1997 when I wrote my first fan fiction and received a lot of encouragement and feedback that I realized I might be able to make something of this ability. It took me another 5 years and encouragement from Tracie Peterson (one of my favorite authors) before I took the step professionally to begin a career by joining a national organization called ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), then known as ACRW (American Christian Romance Writers).

I did everything I could to improve my skills and develop my craft. I bought writing books, studied a wide variety of fiction, conversed with other writers and authors, attended conferences, purchased audio recordings of workshops and presentations, and soaked up as much information as I could handle. Four years later, I sold my first book and took a rather scary step into the world of authorship.

3. If you were not a writer what would you like to be?
Wow, that's a tough one. I went to college to become a teacher, so if not a writer, perhaps a teacher of writing. I also run a web design business in addition to my writing, so I could easily do that full-time. Whatever I do, I want to be at home for my family and the children God will bless us with.

4. What was your motivation for writing Promises, Promises?

About five years ago, I was driving by a house that I passed almost every day while running my usual errands. This day, in particular, something made me stop the car on the other side of the road. I rolled down the window and looked at the historic marker at the edge of the driveway with a notation that said, “circa 1740.” I thought to myself, “If only those walls could speak.” What a story they would tell!

The ‘what if’ moment came when I tried to develop the story line for the first book. Without a lot of background, I had to rely on the elements I had learned would make a good story. Some excellent advice given to me included the method of taking your character to a point that seems hopeless…and making it worse. So, I asked, “What if a heroine with no siblings also loses her parents, then finds herself as the sole owner of land in a new world where women have no voice, feeling as if God has forsaken her?”

And thus, Promises, Promises was born!

5. How do you come up with the characters for your books and are they modeled on people you know?
All of my characters are conglomerates of people I know. No one character is an exact copy of any one person I've met, although I'm sure some of my family and friends might find similarities in some of my characters. I plead the 5th if they do and remind them that they were warned. I often tell people to be careful what they say around me, as it might end up in a book. :)

6. What was the hardest part of writing "Promises, Promises"?
The research! I spent nearly 2 years learning everything I could about the home, only to learn that not a lot was known or recorded about the actual family who lived there for nearly 200 years before the house and original land was sold at a state auction. So, being the writer that I am, I took a literary license and … made it up! Outside of that, I studied the history of the area, the documents at the historical society, and spoke to residents who had been in the area for over 60 years with memories told to them from their predecessors.

7. what would you like readers to take out of reading "Promises, Promises"?

The primary theme is that no matter how bleak the circumstances, God will never abandon or forsake you. Even when life throws all sorts of road blocks your way and it seems like you have nothing left, there will always be hope just down the road. You have to keep looking forward and maintain your faith.

8. Can you tell us about any upcoming projects?
Right now, I'm finishing up my 4th book for a July 15th deadline. It's the first in another 3-book series, only this one is set in Detroit, Michigan during the Industrial Revolution. All 3 are scheduled to release in 2009, along with the repackaging of the first 3 books in an anthology entitled, Delaware Brides. Other than that, I have 2 full-length historical novels and 2 contemporaries that I'm attempting to sell.

9. How can readers find you on the web?
You can always reach me through my web site. I have a contact form there as well as a blog on the main page, where you can comment on any post to leave me a message.

10. Do you have any final thoughts for us?
I have sold 4 books with the promise of 2 more and 2 anthology collection repackagings of those 6 novels. By the end of 2009, I'll have 8 books in print. Once I'm finished with this deadline, I'll work on my trade-length novels and get them submission-ready. This year, I'm working on finding an agent so I can present my books to a variety of publishers and diversify a little more. I also have felt God leading me toward writing for children and possibly young teens, so I recently completed a correspondence course and received my diploma. I'll begin targeting publishers for young readers and starting with articles or short stories.

Finally thank you so much for agreeing to this interview and sharing your time with us. I look forward to reading more novels by you.

Thank YOU, Jenny, for hosting me. I'm thrilled to have you part of this tour.

My Review:
I enjoy reading Historical Fiction and really enjoyed this story. Raelene is angry at God for taking her parents and wants to save her farm. Gustuf made a promise to her dying father to take care of her and find her a husband. Raelene lives in a time where women don't own property and she struggles with these issues. Watching the struggles Raelene has its interesting and the way she grows it great. I am looking forward to reading Ambers next book.
4.5 out of 5.

If you would like to win a copy of this book please leave a comment on this post. Please leave a way to contact you if you win. contest closes Friday 18th at midday SA time.


Theresa N. said...

Your books sound wonderful, historical fiction has always been my favorite.
Theresa N

Jo said...

I used to read historical fiction all the time and have been wanting to read it again. I would love to win a copy of this book.


luv2read said...

I have hear a lot about this book and would love to read it.

Cheryl said...

I would love to win this book. Please enter me in the contest. My email is shryackmom[@]charter.net

Doreen said...

Hi, I'm getting into historical fiction, love it! Would love to win a copy! purposedrivenlife4you AT gmail DOT com

Tiff (Amber Miller) Stockton said...

Theresa, I agree. Historical fiction is a favorite for me. I'm thrilled to be blessed with writing in this genre.

Jo, I hope you get back into historical fiction again, and Doreen, I hope you're enjoying your foray into the genre. Perhaps this book will help!

Shellie, good to see you here too. Good luck! :)

Cheryl, thanks for commenting.

cpullum said...

Love to win!!!!!

Naomi said...

Sounds like a good one. Thanks Jenny.

Beth said...

Historical fiction is always great.
And this will be a new author to try.
Please enter me in the competition.


Jewelz said...

I love historical fiction!!!!! I love looking at old houses, and I wish I knew what had gone on there!
Please enter me :)
joyfuljewelz (at) gmail.com

bigguysmama said...

Hi Jenny. Thanks for this interview. I can't believe how long Amber spent researching! That's committment. Please enter me to win her book. Thanks.

In Him,
Mimi B

mnjesusfreak at gmail dot com

windycindy said...

Thanks for the wonderful interview with Amber! I adore historical fiction books. The cover of her book is lovely. Please enter me in your book drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

Cherie J said...

Wonderful interview! Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you!


Carrie Turansky said...

I am so happy for Tiff! I would love to win a copy of her book. Thanks very much!
Carrie(at) turansky(dot)com

Tiff (Amber Miller) Stockton said...

Beth, it's great to 'meet' you on this tour. If you're looking for a new author, I'd be honored to see you give my books a try.

Jewelz, old houses and historical buildings hold so many secrets and so many stories. It was exciting to delve into the ones in this series.

Mimi, it did take a while, but the end result was worth it. I guess you could say I had a passion for the stories. :)

Carrie, thanks for your kudos. It's great to have joined the published author world this year. A rather nice step up from short stories and articles, I must say!

Carla, Naomi, Cindi and Cherie -- thanks for dropping by.

Good luck to all!

Smilingsal said...

I was born in PA and grew up in Washington, DC, so I feel a kinship with the author. I'd sure like to win this book.

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