15 June 2008

Homicide at Blue Heron Lake Review

From the back of the book:
Homicide at Blue Heron Lake: Emily Gray returns to the lakeside community of Baxter, Maine, expecting a peaceful week in her family's old island cottage. Instead, she and her high school crush, Nate Holman, discover the body of Henry Derbin, an elderly island resident. A few days later, Emily finds another body, buried more than a decade earlier, on Mr. Derbin's land. Can Emily and Nate overcome past hindrances to their romance while digging up clues that will help solve both murders?

My Review:
I finished this book this weekend and its another great cozy mystery. If you haven't signed up for these books and you love Mysteries I would encourage you to sign up. Its easy and the books are good. I loved this book. One thing I really loved was seeing the hero and heroine have some insecurities. I find it refreshing to read how a hero struggles with thoughts of is he good enough or a heroine struggles with will he still love me, It made the book even better to me for these reasons. The Mystery was interesting with different turns and how it was solved. I enjoyed how Susan and Megan wrote this book and gave the main characters opportunities to witness at just the right time to different people. Great read and a 4.5 out of 5 for this book.

Look out for an interview with Susan and Megan in July.

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