20 May 2008

Emily Giffin Book Giveaways (Autographed)

A Book bloggers Diary is having a great giveaway for all readers. please check out her blog
Author: Emily Giffin
Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Over the past four years, Emily Giffin has delivered three consecutive New York Times bestsellers - Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Baby Proof. The secret of Emily’s success is simple—she writes novels that truly resonate with readers. At their core, these dramas reveal the complexities inherent in all intimate relationships—with our parents, siblings, friends and, of course, those with whom who we fall in love.

It takes a gifted writer to so engage readers that they not only understand, but also sympathize with her heroines: a Manhattan lawyer who sleeps with her best friend’s fiancĂ© in Something Borrowed; the same spoiled and self-absorbed best friend who must confront her past and present in Something Blue; and a woman who loves her husband, but can’t seem to give him the child he so covets in Baby Proof.
Now in her highly anticipated new novel, Love the One You're With, readers meet a woman who seems to have it all, including a husband who adores her. But she begins to question her choices when she runs into the one who got away. Through this heartbreakingly honest story, Emily allows readers to explore the forbidden territory of what if….
Love the One You're With is being released on May 13th, that's today! Check out the blog
and you can read the first chapter and enter a giveaway
Click this link to enter. A Book Blogger's Diary


aBookworm said...

Thanks for blogging my giveaway! I'm excited to open this to participants the world over !!

Leslie said...

Just waving hello! :)

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