25 March 2008

The Sovereign's Daughter

Susan May Warren &
Susan K Downs

PUBLISHER:Barbour Books

CATEGORY:Full-length Fiction


About the book:
It is 1917 Russia, and the Bolshevik revolution threatens to destroy not only the Romanov dynasty but the Mennonites' rural way of life, as well. Imperial Tsar Nikolai has no one to trust but a lowly chambermaid. Can she carry the secrets that might save his family? And what of Anton Klassen, the quiet Mennonite merchant the tsar has charged with protecting her? Can he keep her safe from the forces that would find her and destroy her secret? When he discovers the truth, only faith in the promises of God can save the Sovereign's daughter.

My Review:
I just finished this book last night and I have to say it was a great read. This is the story of Oskana and Anton. It is set as the Revolution is in full swing and the Tsar and his family are taken prisoner. I found it interesting reading about what was happening at this time in Russia and how it affected so many people. It was good reading about the Mennonites also as I didn't realise they were in Russia. I enjoyed Antons story as much as Oskana. Anton is looked down on by his father and constantly wanting approval. I loved the way we see Anton grew in this book.
This book had alot of interesting turns and I would thoroughly recommend this book. I give it a 5 out of 5 and at this stage is in my top reads for 2008

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Amy said...

I so behind on my reading, I really want to read this!

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