17 February 2008

Scrap Everything by Lessie gould

I finished this book this morning after finally turning the light out at 2am! I did not want to put this book down. I loved it.

Scrap everything is a book about 2 women, Rebekah who has just opened a scrapbooking store and Elise who has recently moved to Forest falls with her recently retired husband and 2 boys.
the move is to be for a short time before finally moving to Seattle.
Elise goes to a crop at the scrapbooking store more to please her husband and this leads to a invitation to go horse riding. Through circumstances the 2 ladies become friends.
Both have a child that seems to be more needy weather because of sickness or acting out and a child who feels neglected.
Rebekah's daugther has a life threatening illness that brings the families together and there is so much growth by both ladies in this book.
Scrapbooking is the modern form of the old fashioned quilting circle and you could see this also in the book.
I would give this book 5 out of 5

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